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Monday, Nov 5 2007 - Peshee Mommy

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Logging food and exercise - what novel concept. (For me).


This weekend, I got a "Peshee Mommy" followed by a hand stroke to my cheek. Not sure where my heart is since that RIPPED IT OUT OF MY CHEST.

In the middle of putting on his shoes, he HAD to go across the room to turn one of his multi-colored rings upside down in order to match the CORRECT order of colors. I involuntarily said, "Holy..." meaning to finish the utterance, but stopped myself so that he wouldn't feel self-consious. What did he do? He finished my sentence with "makawel" (macrel). At least he didn't say "S*it" - I would worry about autism sometimes if he didn't display so many un-autistic behaviors.

I had written a few paragraphs last night, but of course I forgot to actually post them so they are lost to history.

This morning I'm grateful for a) Will's loving nature, b) S's caretaking of our home and possessions, and c) the long life my big fat kitty has had with me.

I am such a trainwreck right now. I think I am going to ask my OB at my next appt about antidepression/antianxiety medication through the rest of my pregnancy and beyond. I do not want to take medication while pregnant, but my instability and emotional extremes are affecting my marriage and my job. I'd like to at least know what my options are, if any.

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a decade ago

:hi: Thinking about you today...




a decade ago

:heart1: options are good. hey! you're down to 35 days. we can count down together because I'll be getting to Indiana right before you take leave.




a decade ago

:hi: Lynn! Thanks for stopping by. We have the toddler-mommy status in common! :love: the story about Will today. They really do find a way to rip your heart out, don't they? What a sweetie!