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Monday, Nov 12 2007 - Oh – and the Packers won!

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Will leached himself to me this weekend to an unprecedented degree. He wouldn’t even let me be in a different room from him. He actually threw a tantrum when I took a shower and he couldn’t come in the bathroom. This would have been fine (a bit much, but fine) had he not also decided that S was the enemy standing in his way of being near me. My heart broke a hundred times with W’s rejection of S’s presence and affection. Fortunately for W and I, S is the world’s most mature/loving parent, and he handled it very gracefully. (Like, 1000000000000000 times more gracefully than I would have). Finally, on Sunday night when W was trying to shut the door in S’s face (!), I said firmly to W, “Okay. That’s enough. If I’m tired of it, I can’t imagine how your Daddy is feeling.” W immediately stopped, and went to S to give him a hug and kiss. I probably shouldn’t be surprised at the Will’s degree of understanding what exactly I meant and why, but I was. He was better for the rest of the evening. S and I talked this am, and although W asked for me right away, he accepted the statement that “Mommy’s at work and will be home later” and has been loving with S.

BTW, when I get home from work, S has taught W to say to “Ma-mi wook hahdah.” (Mommy works hard.) Its very sweet.

This weekend, W decided that “Yankee Doodle” was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. He kept asking for me to read “sacaroni” (aka “macaroni”). And he has a Dumbo pop up book that he refers to as the “Rainbow” book. (I assume that Dumbo sounds like Rainbow to him). He works so hard to pronounce things. I wish I could recreate how he tries to say, “Maisy’s Fire Engine” but its virtually unintelligible unless you have the context to draw from. I think its because he desire to communicate is so far ahead of his physical phonetic abilities…my mother remembers the same thing with my little brother. We enjoyed reading an “I Spy” book ( he calls it “Ah-Sah-Pie”) and he quickly picked up on the point of the game (ie to locate the object being referred to).

I am assuming that I will be as fascinated by Turtle as I am by Will. I hope so, from a sheer fairness standpoint. Its hard to imagine fitting in another human to be obsessed with. I swear I have more personal time at work than at home.

We took our holiday picture this weekend. Although mildly stressful at moments, the whole thing went well enough that I don’t have to do major damage-repair with S. :cross2: I am going to pic up the CD today or tomorrow.

So – this interview. I don’t want to overthink it before it even happens, so I will try not to rehash all my thoughts. Suffice it to say that assuming the position seems interesting and the company stable/exciting (its young and small), the decision will probably be made on finances and timing. I’m guessing, unless I can negotiate very effectively, the move would be slightly less than lateral from a compensation standpoint (which is actually reasonable as my current company is very generous with pay and VERY, VERY generous with benies). The upside comes in the title, work, and potential for growth. My current position offers little in the way of obvious next steps within this company. S was wonderful in reassuring me that we could make anything work, though, as long as I want it. His support means so much. Being the income producer of the family means that my career decisions are not made in a vacuum. I suppose at the very least, even if this opportunity doesn’t work out, I can use it a discussion point with my director regarding my position here. Okay. Enough thinking about that.

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a decade ago

I think that parental preference is a phase that all kids go through. Of course, mine doesn't really have a choice =D. However...she does, clearly, prefer paw-paw over maw-maw at most times. I know that it hurts my mom's feelings...but she is VERY good about not pushing Maya. As a result...last night was ALL about maw-maw. Ebb and flow, I suppose!




a decade ago

Trevor did the EXACT SAME THING this weekend. He threw a major fit when I took a shower after my run and he couldn't come in with me. It was horrible. Unfortunately, it happens for us a lot, in that Trevor ALWAYS wants me and not Eric. While endearing at times, mostly I worry about it hurting Eric's feelings. But he seems to be much more understanding about it than I would be.

by CBL



a decade ago

Courtney..."assuming the position" is polite corporate speak for BOHICA. Which itself means "bend over here it comes again". Don't thank me, really.

by JAY



a decade ago

Ooo - when the child wants one parent over the other, and is rather uncompromising - not a happy feeling. I'm glad S is so understanding. . . and I'm also impressed by how supportive he is of you. :love: Good luck on the job front - options are good. :y: LOL - Courtney!




a decade ago

heh. you said 'assuming the position'. =D

by REV