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Thursday, Nov 15 2007

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The interview went very well. I was impressed with what I heard both about the company and the culture. I did not expect to hear integrity as a priority (after all, its an insurance company) but I heard it loud and clear. I think I sold myself very effectively, and will just be waiting now for news in mid December. I was happy, actually, to hear that they are interviewing other people. In this role, I would get a break from people management which right now is attractive. I would be very self-managed, which is perfect, and the politics seem minimal. It’s a whole new industry to learn, which I always enjoy. We talked about timing, and Chris, the SVP I interviewed with and would be reporting to, was fine with the idea that I wouldn’t start until mid-March if I were offered the job. Frankly, the only unknown is salary – if I can make this a financially lateral move minus some benefits, I’m thinking I will take it. If I can’t make it financially lateral, then I need to think about it a bit more. But - as far as I can tell at this point, the job itself seems less stressful and the title/role is a step “up” from my current one. Oh, and Chris was giddy at the idea of S being a SAHD. That’s always worth points in my book.

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a decade ago

you are my twin. :kiss: my new company loves that LM will be working from home, they are even fronting the high speed internet in our corporate housing so he has no downtime. so glad to hear it went well and I'll be thinking of you.




a decade ago

I bet an employer would be happy to hear that your husband is a SAHD -- what a great selling point for you!! :) And, sometimes the less stress is worth the less $$$. Good luck!!!!




a decade ago

:kiss: I'm so excited for this new opportunity. I'll be sending good vibes your way. :love:

by CBL



a decade ago

Nice! That all sounds really great, and best of all, you sound very 'good' with it. I like that part a lot. :love:

by REV