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Thursday, Nov 29 2007

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I haven't made updating my journal a priority the last two weeks or so. I think it is mainly just being exhausted - I have 4 weeks left and am getting pretty tired, both physically and mentally. I'd like to record these last few weeks because what if its my last pregnancy? On the other hand, its all I can do to get through each day. Its not that I'm miserable in a conscious way - its that I'm in a daze of sorts.

This week at work has been hard - its made me wish pretty passionately that I'm offered this other position.

I have a situation with my parents that I'm frustrated with, but no energy to delve into it right now.

I'm reading all your journals, CK friends.

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a decade ago

I'm so so so sorry that we crossed each other on the highway at the holidays. :( When should you hear about the new position? Good thoughts and many prayers for you. Love to Steve, Willnut and Turtle. :heart2:

by REV



a decade ago

Hey babe...... Been missing ya.... Did you end up traveling for Thanksgiving? This last month is going to fly for you....December always does...