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Thursday, Jan 24 2008 - EZR SMILED (on purpose)!

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Ellen smiled at us! Three times! She has a gorgeous smile - one large dimple on her right cheek and one small one on her left cheek. She is 1 month old today. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. I am so happy that I just APPRECIATE her so much - what a gift that is after Will, over whom I was just in a daze most of the time. I feel like I'm paying attention the way I should to Ellen. It makes me happy.

She is all eyes. These huge, jet blue eyes. Definitely an old soul.

Will is doing better and better with her and is seeming less and less upset when either Steve or I are taking care of her.

I decided (and got Steve's buy-in) that we will wait until later in the year to try to actively potty train Will. I think that although he shows many of the signs of being ready, he's not quite physiologically/cognitively aware enough to assist us in the training to any great degree. And since we have no rush, why not wait until he's a little more mature, which will hopefully shorten the training time from months to weeks. The only "deadline" we have is that I would like him in preschool by early '09. Life is stressful enough without potty training at the moment.


I'm so hungry on 1400 calories a day. I can't imagine having to go down to 1200. Ugh. Best not to think about it right now. On the other hand, my 20 minutes of working out/day are going well. I am feeling strong, which I like. I'm not getting enough protein. I think that probably contributes to my hunger, but I'm still trying to figure out how to work it in.


At my bimonthly MOPS group, the last topic we discussed was romance. There was some good discussion at my table about why and how we let the romance slip post-children. One woman said she just didn't feel good about her body post-baby. It made me think - I'm actually not self conscious of my body post-baby with Steve. Not sure if that's good or bad, but I'll appreciate it anyway, since there are plenty of other reasons that romance slips. (Romance is on my mind since we're approaching the time when we can - ahem - be intimate again.) My body certainly isn't anything to wolf-whistle over right now, but for some reason (maturity? resignation) I'm just not obsessed with the issue. Weird. Even though all I see at night when I'm feeding Ellen are infomercials for weight loss programs.

Speaking of, do any of you recommend the Slim in Six workout DVDs? My challenge is that even when I'm back to normal, I'm not going to devote more than 30 minutes to working out each day, and finding a complete workout in that timeframe isn't easy - I always end up doing DVDs piece-meal since most of them are more in the 45 - 60 minute range.

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a decade ago

That first smile is so adorable, isn't it? Daniel is 7 weeks now and we get all kinds of smiles going on.




a decade ago

Yay for little "Dimplin"




a decade ago

:clap: I love those first smiles. And dimples!!! What a gorgrous girl. :love: My SIL did Si6 and loved it. Her review is much like Staci's. She lost a ton of inches and had great definition in her muscles. As to potty training; we waited until a month before Jacob's 3rd birthday, and he probably could have started earlier. He was just very uninterested. But at that point Trevor was 9 months old and we had moved and settled into our new house and life was finally comfortable enough. It took me one day to potty train him, just because he was so aware of discomfort and not wanting to be wet. While I kind of wish I had done it earlier, it worked out well for us.

by CBL



a decade ago

Yay for gorgeous jet-blue eye baby smiles! // I think you are on the right path with the potty training...there are three things you can't make a kid, sleep, & potty! :kiss:




a decade ago

I did Si6 a couple years ago and it's a great workout. I didn't lose much weight on it but I lost a ton of inches and could literally see my body taking shape from week to week. it definitely gets hard and there were some parts in the advanced workout I never completely kept up with, but overall I enjoyed it and will use it again.