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Monday, Jan 28 2008

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I realized earlier today that I hadn't been thinking about the changes to the CK food diary since I logged/lost last. This time around, they credit you your workout calories which didn't happen before. So, really, I've been eating in the 1600 range, not 1400 as I had interalized. Which explains at least a bit, mini-stall (2 weeks).

I'm going to go to what CK recommends and try this for a week or two to see what happens. If a) my milk productions drops off or b) nothing moves inches or weight wise, then I'll need to adjust. The only think I won't do is a free day since I'll be eating 1350-ish eat day.

I have 4 challenges this week - 2 meals out with Steve, 2 meals out with work people. I'll just have to do my best.

I'm using Workout 6 from the website and loving it.



Need to retool the food and exercise plan. No loss this week either. Waist measurement down signficiantly, but hips up a tad, so something is going right, but the scale has to move too. Has to. Will think this through more and update later.

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a decade ago

Oh, man! I'd just be ecstatic with the decrease in waist measurement! I think Krista is a goddess and I really want to BE HER someday. Good luck on the re-tool, hon. Sounds like you've got it well in hand. :kiss:




a decade ago

Honey pie, I think that not losing for 1 week, all things considered, is pretty good. You've done a great job so far, and inches lost are much better indicators of success than the scale will ever be. :love:

by CBL



a decade ago

Thanks so much for the kind words, Lynn. I'm not happy with what I'm facing, but I know it can be faced with good results. .... And don't retool too much. You have done really well so far and losing inches is something. Don't fret.