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Wednesday, Jan 30 2008 - Yankee Doo-dee

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"yankee doo-dee" - Cracks me up. Every. Time. Apparently my humor remains in the potty stage.

Today was a good day. Nothing hugely special. We did go for a little outing as a family, which can be a bit of a challenge for us. Not sure if other families/couples have trouble with outings on occaison or not, but we do. We just do not gel sometimes, and it can make for lots of stress and hurt feelings, and you add a toddler and infant to the mix and it can be un-fun. But - today we had a conflict-free outing. We took some books to a charity called "Books for Africa" and then had brunch at a place near our old house in St Paul. Either we are making progress or it was just a good day. I'll take either one and be thankful for it.

I am SO enjoying working out this past week or so. :bigeyes3: I'm doing 20 - 25 minutes of step aerobics and 5 minutes of vigorous free weights. Its a good balance for me - its enough time to be an actual workout, but not so long/involved that the time spent on it becomes prohibitive. S has been very generous in making sure that if I want the workout time to be child-free, then it will be. I made sure to offer him the same if/when he wants to start working out. He is, in general, pretty fit for someone who doesn't do planned workouts. He's so active around our house and yard that he stays in good shape that way. But, I know he'll want to join a gym one of these days when the babies are a bit older.

Have I mentioned that my new job has a gym on site? I really hope I can use it. The only reason I can think of re why I wouldn't would be if I run into coworkers there and feel too self-conscious. Its a small building and business, so I will know pretty much everyone there. Maybe that's an excuse to have really nice looking workout clothes. :laugh5:

We (mainly Steve) have been productive during this maternity leave around the house. Steve put in a new kitchen floor (sticky tiles but they look SOOO good), we cleaned up under the kitchen sink, we went through our clothes and Will's and donated tons, ditto with books. We got touch up paint for the kitchen and have been working on that here and there. We switched from cable to dish and are saving TONS and getting a lot more for our money. I've been able to do some craft-y projects with pictures to display. All in all, pretty productive.

I'm a bit sad - I really only have the rest of this week and next here at home. We're going to Green Valley, AZ for 6 days spanning a weekend, so neither week (before or after the trip) will be completely normal, and then I go back to work in order to give my notice. I will get a week off after my two week notice and before I start the new job. But still. Its amazing how quickly time goes. I will probably never have this much time off of work again to be with my family. Although working outside the home is the right thing for me and for us, I still miss my family when I'm not home. A lot. :cross3:

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a decade ago

:love: the home life has been weighing on me a lot. with Larry at home, of all things I notice how much his relationship with our dogs has grown in the last two months, and I can only wonder how that will feel when we have a child here. I also know that working outside the home is the right thing for me, but I can't help but feel like I'll be missing something.




a decade ago

The age old balance of home and not-home. Women have done it for centuries, and if anyone I know will give it every attention to do BOTH as best she can, it is you, my dear friend. A fine example, both at home and not, of the multitude of possibilities you will also encourage your children to pursue. :kiss:

by REV