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Saturday, Mar 15 2008 - Good-a, Nice-a

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Ellen and I are home now. We had a great time. Ellen was an angel the whole time, and she made my mother so happy. The doctors and nurses at the hospital loved Ellen as well. In fact, people came into my mother’s room just to see her. She beemed at everyone and snuggled with my mom.

The traveling went fairly well. The gate agents and flight attendants were so helpful (Missy - it was United). I do need to get to the airport 1.5 hours in advance, though – I cut it way too close with 1 hour windows on the way there and back.

My mother is doing very well, considering. Guillian Barre has a good full recovery rate, which is very comforting. The hard work now is her physical rehabilitation. It went undetected for so long that her mobility became and is nearly nil. I was honest with her in my fear that she and dad wouldn’t know how to speak up for themselves enough with their medical care team, and that her stoic-ness was partly to blame for the long deterioration without detection. She acknowledged the legitimacy of my fear, which was good because it will help in the future. What didn’t help was that for most people GB comes on far faster than it did with my mom. She and her primary care MD attributed all her symptoms to her back problems (ie the numbing and pain). She was walking short distances without her walker when I left, and was starting to get some tingling in her lower legs (which had previously felt like blocks of wood to her), and her fingers and finger tips were feeling more normal. Her back pain was still there, although more bearable. I reminded her not to by a martyr about pain medication and that once she was more mobile, much of the pain could be managed with exercises and other methods, but that she wouldn’t be doing herself any favors by not treating the pain right now.

My sister is with her now, which I’m grateful for.

I start my new job on Monday. I haven’t been thinking about it much, although I will probably start to now that I’m home and know that my mother is doing well.

I love my husband. I don’t think that I thought anyone could really teach me much after my divorce 8 years ago and after cutting back on how much I was drinking 4 years ago - I think I felt that those two life events weren't things that most of the people I knew had lived through. But he has. We have, together. I don’t mean we aren’t ever tense with each other – we are. But we are learning to learn from that tenseness, and he is taking the lead in that, more often than not. Its as if I can mentally relax into our relationship and trust it to be there to support me but also trust him to work on it and think about it as much as I do. Especially as we learn to parent together, he is of immense comfort to me. We don’t always agree and of course that is okay – but FEELING that that is okay has been hard for me to do.

Will has developed an Italian accent (Good-a, Nice-a, Out-a Side-a). I have no idea where this is coming from. I suppose it may just be a natural evolution in language acquisition for him. My first day back was hard for him. I think he probably realized then that I’d actually been gone. And he is so close to his daddy that sharing Steve is hard for him. His eyes keep tearing up - either from allergies or vestiges of his ever-lasting cold. Its not pink eye, but it gets so goopy. And wiping them isn't usually welcome, although he is sometimes good about it.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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a decade ago

Love the new pic, Lynnie! :kiss: Glad your mom is doing better. Also glad that she took your advice to heart. Can I just say that the image of a two-year-old with an Italian accent is just totally f'n FUNNY! When Dom was 2, he started saying "Arrrrrr" for "yes." Just like a pirate! We have no idea where it came from, but it was hysterical. "Do you want a cookie, Honey?" "Arrrrr!!" It morphed into "essss" and we wondered if he was going to continue through the alphabet (teeee!) but it morphed again to "yes" finally. Whew. The entire family still remembers when Dom went through his Pirate Phase tho. :D




a decade ago

You and Ellen look beautiful in your new picture. I am glad that your trip went well and that your mom is showing signs of improvement. Have a terrific first day at your new job. :)




a decade ago

That is the most awesome new photo of both you & Ellen! I'm glad the trip went well, & I bet you & Ellen were more therapeutic for your mom than any pharmaceutical solution.




a decade ago

I'm so glad you're home safe and sound and that you had such a good visit with your mom. I know it did her worlds of good to have you and sweet baby Ellen there loving on her. Take a deep breath and get in there and knock their socks off tomorrow, girl! Look forward to hearing about it!

by REV



a decade ago

Welcome back! Glad to hear that you mom is doing well and in recovery. Good-a luck-a on your first day at work-a tomorrow! :laugh5: btw, one of my nieces has a distinct Brooklyn accent -- we live in the midwest! Go figure!




a decade ago

thanks for the update, I've been thinking about you all week. I'm glad the trip went well and that you and Ellen were able to comfort your mom :love: you grow so much with Steve, I love reading your thoughts on your family.




a decade ago

Lynnie, so sorry I missed the entry about your mother. I will be praying for her and your entire family. Glad you had a safe trip and you are back home. I know you will knock them dead on your new job so I'll just say DAZZLE them. Kiss the babes for me and a big old hug for you and the hubster - it's not always easy, but it's worth it.




a decade ago

Lynn, glad you're back and that Ellen did well on the trip. We all figured she would! It's also nice to know that your mothers' case of GB was not a severe one, thank God! Lot's to be thankful for in this entry!:smile1: Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your sweet hubby & kiddoes! Have a good one. :heart1: