LYNNABEL's May 2008 CalorieKing Blog

Editorial from a Parent

Tuesday, May 27th 2008

I have never liked it when people say, “Until you’re a parent, you don’t know (fill in the blank)” as if all non-parents are ignorant or blissful or all parents can claim vast stretches of experience and knowledge (if only, right?) or suffering, but I did get to thinking about Dawn saying, self-critically, that “I have the same 24 hours that everyone else does” and, no, she actually doesn’t. You don’t have the same 24 hours when you are a caregiver to another person or people. That’s no...

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Thursday, May 22nd 2008

I spent what finally felt like a good chunk of time with Ellen last night and this morning, mainly just talking and smiling and helping her work on rolling side to side and holding objects. She is getting most items in either hand to her mouth with fairly good precision. She hasn’t rolled over for several weeks, but she is good at scooting her body around by using her feet to turn herself while on her back. She is doing lots of cooing and bubble blowing. A few snorts of laughter, but I’m still...

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Friday, May 16th 2008

This is for Stephie: The universe is exacting its revenge on me for being a mean older sister - I will have to watch my daughter have her heart broke by her big brother for the next few years. Its fitting. Its not that Will is mean the way I was mean (phew!), but he is just sort of carelessly affectionate with Ellen in a breezy sort of way. Her eyes follow him and she just lights up whenever he is near, and when he talks to her, her whole body goes into spasms of excitement.

This week driv...

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Wednesday, May 14th 2008

I’ve been thinking lately about how I wish I could record everything about my children right now. How precious and cute and fun and quirky they seem to me. I’m so afraid I’ll forget, and while that is probably very natural, it seems imperative to me to save it all, somehow. And yet I just can’t seem to find the motivation to keep working on my digital scrapbooks. There seem to be so many other things that need doing in the course of a day.

Will is blossoming. In the last few days, I swe...

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Sunday, May 11th 2008

I spent 20 minutes this morning snuggling with Ellen in bed. We gazed at each other, and smiled, and laughed, and talked and kissed and decided we were each other's biggest fans. We checked to make sure the dipples were still there every so often, and sure enough, they were. There is nothing as sweet as waking up to a eye crinkling grin of joy from my daughter. She is an angel on loan to me - a round, jowely, plump, dimpled angel.