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Thursday, May 22 2008

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I spent what finally felt like a good chunk of time with Ellen last night and this morning, mainly just talking and smiling and helping her work on rolling side to side and holding objects. She is getting most items in either hand to her mouth with fairly good precision. She hasn’t rolled over for several weeks, but she is good at scooting her body around by using her feet to turn herself while on her back. She is doing lots of cooing and bubble blowing. A few snorts of laughter, but I’m still waiting for full-out giggle. I thought a few times this weekend about how to make sure that I don’t short-change Ellen. Its sometimes easier for me to focus on Will, but I really don’t want to lose precious time with Ellen so I need to make sure to create the time and activities for her that I do for Will. I keep seeing different family members in her face – baby pictures of my father, my face, Will’s, my mother and grandpa. She is beautiful.

We took our annual trip to Two Harbors last weekend. Traveling with children this young isn’t really easy, and often plain-old not fun, but we had a great time once we arrived. I took Will swimming in the hotel pool 3 times, and Steve took him to the beach with Ripple. We had to divide and conquer since Ellen is taking at least 3 naps a day (as well she should since she wakes up at least twice a night, sometimes three times). I could have gladly stayed there another day or more. We decided we would stay longer next time, and get a different type of room next year. I also realized how much more thought and planning I need to put into packing for us. So, good lessons that should make future travel a bit easier.

I am worried about my mother. I am glad I get to see her soon.

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a decade ago

I'm glad you got some time away with your family and it sounds like it was a fun trip. lots of love to you and your mom. :love:




a decade ago

FWIW I didn't crawl until after I could walk. Mom said I used to roll wherever I wanted to go, which made keeping me corralled fairly easy since rolling isn't very efficient.

by JAY



a decade ago

It's quite safe for work, I assure you. :evil:

by JAY



a decade ago

I love the unique ways each child devises to get around! Some of them are sooo funny! Sounds like a great weekend, Lynnie! So do we get to do lunch and a trip to the zoo or something when I come to the cities in August? :kiss:




a decade ago

I am soooo looking forward to a bit more feedback from Shealee... It's soo much fun, isn't it? Pictures.... We want pictures!




a decade ago

It's interesting that you are finding it necessary/harder to have the quality time with Ellen -- most women I talk to say its the other way around. My SIL gets sad about what she feels she missed with her oldest while tending to the newborn baby. At any rate -- Ellen's needs are simpler right now....she'll get her share!! Will, on the other hand, is at an amazing developmental point in his life and needs the structured activites that you talk about. I think you're doing GREAT, Lynnie! :kiss: