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Tuesday, Jul 22 2008

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Have I mentioned that Will and I are going to a Mommy and Me gymnastics/tumbling class on Thursdays? I had originally thought this would be a good activity for Will because he has had some trouble translating verbal directions into physical actions, at times. (Example: Pick up your foot. Turn around. Etc.). The first session made me think that Will had a long way to go, but he picked up very quickly, and by the third session, he is moving with direction very well. I was also worried during that first session that Will would be paralyzed by the number of kids in the gym – he is an avid people-watcher, but he has slowly become accustomed to people being around, so he is learning to visually tune them out. I’m so pleased with his progress. And with myself for thinking of this type of class for him.

The last few days he has been playing with an old cell phone of Steve’s, and its been so fun to hear his imaginary conversations with people.

“Hallo, Gwampa? Wassa wong? Dolphin plash. Ok. Sank-oo. Bye-bye.”

Speaking of Grandpa – my dad was in town over the weekend. It was so great to have him here. Steve had to go to LaCrosse again, and I just really appreciated the extra pair of hands with the kids. Dad loves the kids so much. I had to laugh, though, because Will very politely told Grandpa that he was hurting Will when he tried to give Will hugs and kisses. Grandpa can be a bit firm in his handling of kids and dogs. Loving, but physically firm. I remember the same thing about my Grandpa, my Dad’s father. I give my dad tons of credit for responding well and positively in this area to Will – I could see him making the effort to be more gentle.

I’m selling Ellen. Any takers?

I recommend being deaf and an insomniac if you want her – she doesn’t sleep and she screams. I applauded her diva ways a few weeks ago, but am now tired of them. She has a high pitched scream that is, apparently, designed to specifically find and destroy my last nerve. And we all know I have very few nerves left. Ellen uses this scream for all types of communication, not just the “I’m going to die RIGHT NOW” variety.

Upside: She has a beautiful hoo-haa and her belly is very raspberry-worthy and her smile is all-encompassing. Actually, her whole body is beautiful, just like Will’s – I’m so in love with my babies’ bodies and skin and breath and touch. I didn’t expect this about motherhood. I’m going to miss it terribly when they become too big for me to revel in their physicality.

Ellen is rolling over very well, and can move a few inches forward on her tummy when she is motivated to reach an object. She’s a foot rubber – if her feet are touching something, she rubs the object with her feet compulsively. (I worry a bit about this. I also worry about her intensity – her whole body gets frantic sometimes.) And she is so strong – she has literally pushed me off balance with her kicks and back arches. It is virtually impossible to pry anyting out her hands if she doesn't want to let go. She gets a death-grip on anything she wants to eat/touch (think ojbects with stripes).

So, you need to be a sumo wrestler also, if you want to buy her.

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9 years ago

:wave1: I want her! Add her to my ever growing brood. :) Haven't had the pleasures of a baby yet, though. "She has a beautiful hoo-ha" :laugh5: Too cute! Everything about babies little bodies are great, aren't they?

by AMYC18



9 years ago

LMAO. So you have a diva pit bull for a daughter, is that it? I sooo remember those screams. Man, I do not miss that. I wouldn't worry about her intensity. Her whole body jerks and quivers because she's excited. I always thought that was so damn cute, since it showed me how much they loved some particular thing. My nephew does it now, too, and I think it's hilarious!

by CBL



9 years ago

:wave1: me :wave1: me :wave1: me. I'll take her. When the hubster takes out his hearing aids he can't hear a thing and I can't sleep at night either. :love: "Wassa wong?" :love: Love that! Is the brother for sale too? Package deal maybe?




9 years ago

OK, I'll take 'er. And I'm built like a sumo wrestler, even if I don't have the strength. Does that count? :D I'm missin' babies big-time these days.




9 years ago want her! Well..maybe for a day or two, and then I'll have to give her back because I'm most certain that Maya would NOT be impressed with sharing her mommy! =D // :clap: for you and Will -- Maya has similar kid-watching tendencies but has started to come out of her shell more and more each month.