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Tuesday, Aug 5 2008

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I had a thought just now.

Many of the most confident women I know (the ones, uh, most unlike me) are tall women.

Do you think that a taller woman learns earlier on in life to be confident? If so, why? Does she just come to terms with herself earlier or does the world treat her slightly differently because of the inherent authority in height?

I'm 5 feet and 2.5 inches. On a low-gravity day, first thing in the morning.

I do know lots of shorter confident women, though, so maybe my gut is making a false generalization. If so, I wonder why. I've got lots of other things to blame my general cowardliness on - I didn't think I needed a height-based justification.


Insomia is ruining my life. I don't want to go the doctor for a prescription, but I may have to if I can't figure out how to prevent it on my own. I'm active, haven't drastically changed what I eat or how much I move or my overall schedule recently. I've given up diet coke and will give up any wine before bed (the last week or so, I've had 1 glass 3-4 nights per week before bed...its never bothered me before, but who knows what is going on?). I tried Rescue Sleep last night, but it didn't help. I'll keep trying that, though, because its come with high recommendations.


Ellen is saying, "Ba. Ba. Ba." Isn't she brilliant?!


I'm logging again. I've decided to do a last push to get off all the pregnancy weight and get back to my pre-Will weight. However, knowing that that may not be feasible without total starvation, I've decided I'll give it my best shot for 3 months or 10 lbs. Whatever comes first. I'll try to be happy where I'm at at the end October, assuming I've been vigilent/diligent between now and then.

Because I'm working at home 1 day week which deprives me of the gym (and structure) here at work, I've upped my workouts a bit to offset the day "off".

Note to self: I do well at breakfast, lunch, and night time snack. Where I have to be careful is dinner.


Oh, dear lord, I CANNOT weight until Monday August 18th when I leave for my SOLO VACATION. Yes, I'm shouting. Will it ever come?!


I'm just going to say how jealous I am of women who are thin post-pregnancy. Whether they work hard at it or not, I'm just plain old envious. I feel like a barn. A flabby barn.


I wish no one had found those gorillas in the DRC. Now someone will go try to hunt them.

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9 years ago

there are some studies that show tall people on average earn more money than their shorter counterparts, and even moreso with women because shorter women are often considered "cute". I know I had to learn to deal with standing out earlier in life because a lot of attention is given to us for being so tall. I do think there's some social authority, like you say, in height, just like there is with hegemony and the ideas around white privilege. not sure if it's necessarily a self-fulfilling prophecy and I definitely know many exceptions to the rule, but in general I do think tall people get a head start in self-esteem.




9 years ago

My husband's best friend started taking Melatonin at his wife's insistance and swore it worked. My husband, who works night shifts a lot of the time, started using it and he also says it works, and he usually poo-poo's anything to do with supplements vs. eating "real" food for nutritional value.