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Friday, Sep 19 2008

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Thank you, my friends - all your sympathy paid off – Ellen slept from (drumroll, please) 10:20 pm to 7:15 am with only 15 seconds of crying in between. This makes me VERY VERY VERY happy, and well rested.

Steve confessed to me the other day that he would love to have a family bed that we could all snuggle and sleep in together but that he was worried it would turn into a bad thing – that the kids wouldn’t sleep through the night and would wander into our room, etc. etc. I thought it was sweet of him. I don’t think it would be as bad a thing as it sounds to have the kids climb in bed with us since Ellen has a ways to go before she does any climbing – even Will can’t quite get on to our bed by himself. I think that it is a great example of a thing to let develop if and when it does, on its own. I do know parents who are “plagued” with children leaving their beds to join the parents, and don’t like it, so I see S’s concern.

Random thought: For you NPR junkies – does John Gordon on Future Tense in the mornings drive you nuts? His diction and pauses in speech make me crazy. I have to listen, though, because that’s basically the only technology news I can digest.

After all these years on CK, its really just occurring to me how under-protein-ed I am (Jay and Patti – SHUSH). Even on days that I feel like I’ve had a lot, I’m only at 80g and CK says I need 108g. Since I can’t add calories to my routine right now, it would mean having to substitute something with more protein. I like my bfast bars and my lunches, so it would have to be something about dinner. We usually have a balanced dinner – a meat, a starch, and a veggie, so unless I dropped the starch and added more protein? Ugh, I don’t want to do that, though. I suppose I could try to find a higher protein breakfast bar, but I really like Zone Perfect and Fiber One. I refuse to give up my evening snack of Steve’s check mix.

So – I guess I need to decide how badly I want to get more protein because it will require sacrifice of some sort. Harumph.

Ellie-belly-jelly-bean is clapping! Its so cute - those little pudgy hands trying to meet together in the middle. And this morning – she said, “MAMAMAMAMAMAMA” when I walked around the corner. I THINK it was a coincidence, but maybe she meant “Mama!” She does say “DADADADADADA” too, so maybe she is identifying us. Can’t wait until she tries to say, “Monkey” or “William”. Or Ripple or Gatsby or Tibault. We didn’t pick very baby-friendly names for our pets, I guess.

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9 years ago

I think CK has protein set way too high, & other resources on balanced diets would say so too. 80g a day is probably fine, but if you find that you are hungry a lot of the time, then more protein can be a good way to feel more satisfied for longer. So can more fat--as long as it's not saturated or trans, of course.




9 years ago

I'm SURE that she is identifying you ... how CUTE! I lived with the family bed for about 18 months -- and still end up be "summoned" to her room on most nights around 4am -- not so bad since it's just the two of us but it's also nice when I get to sleep in my own bed, all by myself, all night long, like a big girl! =D




9 years ago

I think Ellen could probably say, "SMUDGE" very easily. Or MUDGE. When shall I ship her? :evil: // I'm so glad you got some sleep! :kiss: