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Monday, Sep 22 2008

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Gawd, am I love with my husband today. :love: I'm humbled by his persistence against some pretty intense odds, and his accomplishments in spite of them, and his love for me and my babies. I sure picked a good baby-daddy.

I'm going to remember this the next time I feel like life with two small ones is akin to pouring lemon juice on papercuts or pushing rocks uphill for eternity. :beatup:

One of said rocks, Ellie-belly-jelly-bean, had her 9-month appointment today - shots and all :cry4: . She is in the 90th percentile for weight for her age, and 95th for height!! :bigeyes3: No wonder I'm busting out the 12 and 18 month clothing for her at 9 months. She is LARGE AND IN CHARGE, let me tell you. You've never seen such yummy hamhock thighs or so many dimples on one butt.

She probably has her own gravity field. :laugh5: Stace and Tori - we'd better not let her near Ehin or Gray - they'll disapear into her orbit. I'm already missing a cat.

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9 years ago

Bring Ellen to Auntie Courtney's house and we'll see about those butt dimples. I'm pretty sure the Rev could give her a run for her wee money. :laugh5:

by REV



9 years ago

hmmm, poor Ehin might get squished between our babies. Gray has likely already hit 13 pounds and we're in the three month clothes at six weeks. :mohawk2: THANKFULLY he's slowed down the eating over the last day or two, maybe he'll slow down the growing just a little, too.




9 years ago

I :love: how you :love: your baby-daddy. Ellen is a beautiful bundle of dimples, but I gotta tell you that I laughed at "LARGE AND IN CHARGE" and "has her own gravity field." And seriously, Lynnie, I can replace the cat in a :love:beat. :evil:




9 years ago

If I admit that YOU have a problem..then I would be admitting that I have a problem...I can barely look at the picture without conjuring up how blessed good those turtle brownies were. I hate that I :love: food so much! :frog:




9 years ago

:laugh5: lemon juice on a papercut .... yup, that just about sums it up some days, huh? :laugh5: I often tell people that having children brings you to your knees, often, either in thanksgiving or "God, please make this stop" prayer! =D