LYNNABEL's Oct 2008 CalorieKing Blog

Tuesday, October 28th 2008

Stealing a second from other things to jot a few notes.

One – I think Ellen is saying “doggie” in addition to “Daddy” when she says, “Da! Da!” She is motoring around like no body’s business – we have to keep the floors very clean because she will find the one leaf stem tracked in from outside and eat it. Ditto dust bunnies. Ditto rug shedding. Yuck. Her facial expressions are hilarious, though, when she puts these prizes into her mouth.

She’s been sick the last few days. We’...

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Monday, October 20th 2008

I wrote a long blog entry in my head last night as I was laying in bed, reflecting on my evening.

It was helpful to write it out in my head, because it helped me organize my thoughts – even if the actual entry itself isn’t nearly as eloquent. I swear I should carry around a Dictaphone to record things I think of in spots where I can’t write it down.

The main thing I discovered while mentally blogging was that my worst moments as a mother generally (80% of the time) have these three ...

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Thursday, October 16th 2008

Attention Mothers of Son(s):

(not being sexist here, I just don’t know any CK fathers of sons)

Would you share your potty training experiences with me with your son(s)? I wondering specifically:

a) how long the whole process took
b) how did you incorporate pooping (vs peeing) into the training?
c) what advice do you have?

Steve and I are going to look at a lake house on Sunday. Its pretty amazing on paper – we are very scared that we will love it. Selling our cur...

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Wednesday, October 15th 2008

Do you remember my entry a few weeks ago about the $20 that the congregation received during the offering at my church?

According to my church's website, here are some of things that people have done with their "Bless the World" money:

"After considering a few different options, we decided that we wanted to donate the money to Project Peanut Butter, an organization making a U.S. version of Plumpy'nut. Using the $20.00 from the church, we added our own $25.00 to it, which...

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Tuesday, October 14th 2008

I think the source of my headache is E!'s Dr. 90210. The Ray doctor's wife is SKELETAL. Yikes! She made me ill when I flipped through the channels last night. Can you imagine the body issues the SO of a plastic surgeon would have!?!?!?! Or his/her children?!?!? Yikes.


I have had a headache non-stop for about 3 days now. I cannot figure out what it is from. I haven't changed my caffeine intake up or down, I haven't added or removed any types of sweetners, I haven't eaten anything st...

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