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Tuesday, Oct 14 2008

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I think the source of my headache is E!'s Dr. 90210. The Ray doctor's wife is SKELETAL. Yikes! She made me ill when I flipped through the channels last night. Can you imagine the body issues the SO of a plastic surgeon would have!?!?!?! Or his/her children?!?!? Yikes.


I have had a headache non-stop for about 3 days now. I cannot figure out what it is from. I haven't changed my caffeine intake up or down, I haven't added or removed any types of sweetners, I haven't eaten anything strange, I don't have my period, I'm not particularly stressed or upset or experiencing any kind of nonstandard emotions...I can't figure it out. But I also can't keep eating ibuprofens like they are candy, so if this keeps up, I need to go to the doctor. I'd swear it was nasal induced since its in my sinuses and behind/around my ears, but I've never had allergies and I don' thave a cold...Its making me crazy.

Today is Day 4 of Will's potty training adventures. I put him on the toilet at night last week for one chance to pee and he had such success that I decided to spend this last weekend having him try to only pee on the potty. He did very well on Saturday, and even better on Sunday. Yesterday he had a rough start, but only because Steven got his "directions' wrong (ie we miscommunicated), so Will didn't get on the potty until 10:30 am, which wasn't soon enough. However, after we figured ourselves out, Steve put him on the potty 1x per hour all day, and I don't think Will went in his pullups all day after that. So - I think its going well. My concern has been (and will be) pooping in the potty. Will cannot stand to poop sitting down, so I don't know how that will happen. At this point, I'm just hoping that the whole process sinks in enough for him to at least try to poop on the potty. I know that often boys are pee-trained before poop-trained.

I have found a portable potty seat online for us to take with us on outings so he can continue to use the potty while not at home. Very cool.

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9 years ago

I get seasonal headaches, particularly during fall. I started getting them in my mid to late 20s and they progressively got worse over a few years before settling down again. // My favorite toddler action is to watch them motoring full speed across the floor, then they stop mid-motion with that look of intense concentration on their faces for a bit, then off to the races again...albeit leaving a "vapor trail".

by JAY



9 years ago

Will can't poop sitting down.... I don't know why, but that makes me giggle. He'll get there.




9 years ago

ha! so far Grayson prefers to poop laying flat on his back. :laugh5: funny how they get into their bodily habits. good luck with the toilet training, I'm watching and learning.




9 years ago

:laugh5: isn't toddler-ese the cutest language? :laugh5: // pee-trained almost always comes before poop-trained ... he'll get it eventually! As for the sounds sinus related based on it's location ... can you try a sinus/allergy IB? I've had success with Advil cold/sinus in the past. Hope it goes away soon :kiss: