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Friday, Nov 7 2008

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Just put some $ into a money market savings account. How sad when the best interest rate is less than 4%. Still…better than a) nothing and b) actually losing money.

Since she won’t let me post a comment to her blog, I just want to say what a HAWT geek Tori is – and how if I batted for the other team, I wouldn’t know who to choose from of the CK women – they’re all amazing.

Anyway – re Tori: Now she translates LATIN. In the middle of the NIGHT. I’m lucky if no one loses a limb when I’m forced to be up more than once before 6am.

Callie is a way talented and articulate writer, FOR SURE.

Revvy is the smartest/sexiest god lady EVER.

Staci is my career and political soul mate.

Amy is one of my favorite people ON EARTH – I’ll never forget the Playboy shirt!

Dawn is the mother to end all mothers.

Jay is spit-my-water-out funny. Okay, Jay isn’t a woman, but I forgive him.

Jennie is my new IDOL in all things political, and it just warms my heart that some with her smarts and wit is hidden up here in the midwestern hinterland.

Michelle is one of those friends who always says the right thing, and who, like Staci, I’m really enjoying watching her spiritual / personal / political journey.

Connie is the world’s most productive blogger, I swear! I get exhausted just reading about her day.

Jen/Galoot is on my fave’s list because of entry’s like today’s.

And you’ve never known comfort ‘til the vision of Jaxs comes to you when you are about to seriously maim a relative by marriage, and suddenly you find yourself cool, calm, and collected. (Do you remember that, Jackie?)

I really, really, really appreciate the CK community. It makes me feel connected to very cool people.

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10 comments so far.


9 years ago

Woa... "The mother to end all mothers"... Whoo... Not sure what I've done to get those accolades, but I am honored. Really honored & undeserving of the title... But, I love ya for throwing that out there.... :kiss:




9 years ago

Aww Lynnie! :heart2: You know how much I love you. Like I said before...just the sight of your face calms me. :)

by AMYC18



9 years ago

Hey, I got a 46DDDDDDD uniboob, doesn't that count?

by JAY



9 years ago

Aw, Lynnie! :$ Do you have any idea how much I admire YOU? :kiss: And yeah, hidden is one word for it. :D




9 years ago

I am not sure how to take my shout-out, but I have decided to treat it as a compliment. :laugh5: I agree 100% with everything you wrote about the others. And you, dear Lynnie, are one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, & creative people writing on this website. And not incidentally, I think mutual admiration societies are good for the heart. :heart2:




9 years ago

Awww for shucks Lynnie. You'd totally be on my switch hitter list too. I mean, heck, we've already slept together once. =D

by REV



9 years ago

:kiss: You're pretty damn awesome yourself. :love:

by CBL



9 years ago

I think I'm going to choke from laughter!! :D I don't know Latin, silly. Mr. Google does. I do however ... uh... never mind. :eyebrows:




9 years ago

The feeling is mutual, as far as CK connecting us to very cool people! :kiss: I miss the comments on Tori's blog, too - Raziel's approval of her message made me LOL at work today :laugh5: BTW, is that a new after pic of you with your son (or perhaps I've just not noticed it before) - very cute, both of you!



9 years ago

:kiss: MWUAHHH :kiss: