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Monday, Nov 17 2008

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Disaster has struck! Steve and I have found our dream home. It is on a lake, about 35 minutes north of the Cities, has 4 bedrooms, and 3800 sq feet.

Our challenges are:
a) we can’t make an offer contingent on the sale of our existing home;
b) its in a limbo status / short sale with the bank, so the listing agent is having to jump through hoops to figure out who to work with at the bank and what to recommend to buyers re offers;
c) we don’t actually know the short sale price. We know what it will be less than, but if we make an offer before knowing the short sale price (in order to avoid multiple bids), we might be paying more than we have to;
d) Steve’s agent license is on ice right now, so he is having to cram to get his continuing ed credits completed and a broker found for his license so he can represent us;
e) we don’t know for sure yet that we could qualify for a second mortgage. We think so, and have a great mortgage broker to work with, but nothing is firm yet;
e)what a horrible market and time of year to list our house for sale! (and with two little ones – shades of Callie a few years ago).

Our advantages are:
a) we probably will quality for a second mortgage, and
b) all we truly need to get out of our existing home is the amount we owe, which would be a VERY competitive price, so theoretically if any comparable house was going to sell in our suburb, ours should be it; and
c) the new house is empty, so we could take our time moving in. Probably important with two little ones during winter.

The house has a true master suite – with a full/dedicated bathroom and sitting room! It has 4 decks.

It even has a 4th unfinished bathroom on the lower floor – a perfect setup for guests and my home office.

This is the listing – it doesn’t do the property nearly enough justice, but here it is:,0,1,favorites,3584653.html


I had a jealous reaction to something the other day that ended up being a good experience for me, oddly enough. The event occurred, I felt my jealously. About 3 second later, I consciously realized what a base reaction it was, and sort of mentally shook myself, re-set my thinking about 10,000 feet higher on the charitability/good will scale. Then I started berating myself for having the jealous reaction in the first place. About 3 second after THAT, I mentally shook myself, and reset my self-talk about 10,000 higher on the charitabilty/good will scale.

When and if I have feelings of jealousy, it’s almost always a direct result of personal insecurities. And I figure, I’ll be insecure whether or not I dwell on the jealousy, so I might as well NOT dwell on the jealousy, hit the restart button, and proceed.

One of my very favorite things about Steve, as human being, is his lack of jealousy. He has a lot of genuine good will towards other people’s successes/good fortunes – I really admire that trait in him.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my folks at Thanksgiving. Nervous about flying with Will and Ellen, but more excited than nervous.

A friend just agreed to do our Christmas pictures this year – I’m looking forward to that since they will be taken at home. No carting the kids (or Steve) to the mall for what is often a stressful event. Just being at home, in our comfort zone, with our house as a backdrop. Yea!

Had a friend ask me last night if I’d started my Christmas letter yet – she said, “I always look forward to your Christmas letter, Lynn.” It made me feel really good.

We finally got a real crib for Ellen from this weekend – its very nice, sturdy, and has a great mattress. It makes me feel good to recycle kids’ things, in general. Some things you want new, of course, for safety reasons, but there’s a lot that you can get secondhand. And to have Ellen out of the bassinette was very necessary. She was going to launch herself out of there any day. Will calls her “Amazing Girl” because I call her that sometimes – I mostly mean she is large and in charge and would take us all down if she could just get the right grip.


If it doesn’t infringe on your personal system of faith, please make sacrifices to the real estate gods for us so that we can get this house.

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9 years ago

Eric asked if I thought it was nerve pain, but it's doesn't feel like that. Unless this pain is just completely different, it's not that. Nerve pain travels in a way that this does not, and I can feel it in my muscles. This is a like a hopscotch of pain. It's in my shoulder, then skips my upper arm, hits my elbow, skips the lower arm, and lands in my wrist. Even my fingers aren't hurting. It also came up suddenly, where as nerve pain usually comes on slowly.

by CBL



9 years ago

I will light a candle for you and think of it as your new hearth in a new home. :)




9 years ago

Oh Ms. Lynn, that house is stunning, so dreamy by the lake and all that beautiful "green" around you. What a great place to vacation and yet settle down and live and raise a family all in one. I love that. I will keep you and your family in prayer...what a beautiful place on earth.




9 years ago

That's a great-looking house, & if you could even find anything like that on water around here, it would cost 2.5 to 3 times as much. I hope you get it! Also, I wish I could find MY reset button. :look:




9 years ago

Good luck on getting the house! I hope it all works out for you.

by JAY



9 years ago

Funny thing is that I was thinking about your letter the other day, too. I always found 'family newsletters' annoying until you started sending me yours. Your letters always feel fun and informative, rather than bragging or something. /// Moving with 2 little ones is not the easiest thing to do. Having said that, I think you do what you gotta do to get into the house of your dreams. That includes all of the disadvantages you've mentioned. As for the price, rather than focusing on the short sale price, why don't you decide on the number you're willing to pay? Even if it's a bit more than what you could have paid if you'd waited, it will be worth it if it gets you in. /// And? I am so coming to visit one of these days! :kiss:

by CBL



9 years ago

Holy crap are you kidding me? Yeah, I'm with Dawn - great house there, sorry Steve and the kids are gonna have to leave when we come crash it. =D ... And major uber-kudos to you for the inner-self-shake on the jealousy AND ESPECIALLY on the self-talk. Good, good job. :kiss:

by REV



9 years ago

You have got to be kidding me??? I live 35 minutes from Milwaukee & can think of a couple different lakes in my near vicinity. You could get a 2 room shack around those lakes for the price of the home you are looking at. I can't believe lakefront homes around The Cities are that price. That is awesome.... Totally keeping my fingers crossed for you. And, if you do get that house, may I suggest the location for the next CK girls meet-up??? :laugh5:




9 years ago

Awesome looking house and piece of property - If I had a place like that I'd probably never leave home! Hope it all works out for you - sending out good karma wishes for you.




9 years ago

yeah....that should probably read "on your behalf" bad grammar this morning :$




9 years ago

Wow Lynn..that is a great house in a gorgeous setting. Even the uber-urban-dweller that I am can appreciate the serenity that living in that setting may envoke! ~~ That is AWESOME that you were able to recognize the jealousy trait in yourself and re-set yourself TWICE when you could see it swirling downhill. ~~ I will make a sacrifice to the happy buddah on behalf of you ... see, he's offering it up right now ... whoot whoot [IMG][/IMG] -- ok, I'll go now! :laugh5: