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Monday, Feb 2 2009

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Back to weight loss calorie levels. For February. My tentative goal is to get 125, and then maintain between there and 130. I learned a lot from January’s trial-maintenance, so it was well worth it. I am not looking forward to the reduced calories again, but I think it will be worth it in the long run. Having a lower set point will make the natural fluctuations less scary, I think.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on my POV of the moment), we have trip to AZ coming up in two weeks, which will mean a break in my very comfortable food routine. I do not do well when presented with many options food-wise. The only good thing is that our meals will be at restaurants, so I’ll have some choices (vs meals at someone’s house where you feel badly for not eating everything they’ve so graciously prepared for you as a guest).

Will made me giggle this weekend with two items. One, he has started inserting “Well…” into the beginning of his sentences. With a lilt in his voice. Its an imitation of my speech pattern and Steve’s, but with his own twist. Also, he said to me, “I’ll give you a chance to show me the crescent moon.” Oh, you will, will you? Am so struck lately with the imitating he is experimenting with.

Been feeling a bit neglectful of Ellen lately with Will’s emotional rollercoaster rides. She’s had some bowel issues. It appears to have been the soy in her formula. Some is good, but too much is bad. She has regressed a bit with regard to solid foods, preferring her bottle and just a few snacks (graham crackers are her favorite). She’s also had some night fussies with is unlike her. She could be teething. Doesn’t seem congested or like she has an infection of any sort. I miss her. I have to make a point to have one on one time with her, and make Will accept Steve as a substitute for me sometimes.

S – horrible. Very difficult time right now. :sad3:

My hair hasn’t been holding a curl to save its life lately. I’m just not happy with my hair. I don’t like the color, and it falls flat/limp within an hour or so of styling. This is new, and not sure what to attribute the change to. Could be the harsh winter. Could be life post the second pregnancy. Just don’t know.
My nails seem abnormally brittle to me, too. I take calcium supplements, so I wouldn’t think that would be a contributing factor. Again, maybe the harsh winter? Or post pregnancy body?

I think I have IBS. The Mayo Clinic website says it often appears in women in their early 30’s. It says that while stress doesn’t cause it, it exacerbates the symptoms. I think my bowels are sensing the stress. Treatment seems benign (“eat more fiber”) to extreme (“colonoscopy”). I’m going to try to drink more water. I had been doing well with getting in an extra glass a day for a few months there but I let the habit slip. Unfortunately, the gas from extra fiber is almost unbearable for me, so I shy away from adding extra fiber. In the long run, though, it may be best to do that.

My Grandma went into the hospital over the weekend, and her status is mysterious – they have been running tests but not showing anything in particular. She is disoriented and having spasms. I feel so badly for her. And for my mother.

No news on the house. Am getting very discouraged. I’ve heard the nightmare scenarios of dealing with banks, but never imagined we’d be staring down spring without a planned move for the summer. Makes me very irritated with the activities I didn’t schedule b/c I thought we wouldn’t be in Burnsville.

Ack. I’m discouraged in general. My body feels old, and my spirit doesn’t feel especially young, either. :cross3:

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9 years ago

I'm sorry that things are not-so-great in certain areas. On the hair/nails/IBS front, I think more water would probably help. I'm kinda useless on the other stuff, but I care! :kiss:




9 years ago

:love: Take care of yourself, regardless of how tough things are right now. :kiss:

by CBL



9 years ago

:kiss: :love: :kiss: :love: Kids can be so darn cute..and then....not so much. :laugh5: My nails are the same way. I hope that things get brighter :cool6:




9 years ago

:kiss: I'm going to find some time to call you this week. and, our neighbors have a 17ish-month old (the woman who reminds me of you) and she said that her son's molars coming in are much worse than the initial teething and it took her a week or so to figure out what was wrong. I hope Ellen feels better soon and you get to balance out your time with all three of your sweeties.