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Tuesday, Mar 17 2009

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I was in DC last week for work. It a legislative conference, and even though the senators and representatives most likely to agree with my company’s association’s position are Republicans (which I’m not), I still found the speakers and walk on Capitol Hill very interesting. We heard from two Rep. senators (OK and GA) who were smooth speakers, but gave me the willies, and 3 Dem. Representatives, who were not as well spoken, but who seemed more genuine to me. Of course, I’m probably not totally objective. There was a Rep from MI who, after a career in the military, got into government because of his baby daughter’s brain tumor and the subsequent experience with medical care. He realized how fortunate his family was because of their access to VA healthcare, and that not everyone had that, etc. I’m sure it was a story he’s told many times, but the phrase that stuck with me was heartfelt, “When the jewel of your life is about to go to heaven, you start asking a lot of questions.”

We visited the congressional offices of my lone MN senator, Amy Klobuchar, who I really like, and my district rep, John Kline, who I am always sending emails to about various social issues we disagree on.  I was surprised this office didn’t ban my presence. I just THANK GOD that I’m not in Michelle Bauchman’s district. You honestly couldn’t pay me enough to get within a dozen feet of her. She crazy, to borrow a camping phrase.

I found the time there energizing and encouraging, frankly, about our government in action. My colleague did not, so I’m guessing I’m on the naïve end of the spectrum. I thought everyone was very polite and interested in what our group had to say. Of course, they can hardly SHOW they aren’t listening or don’t care, and still expect to get re-elected.

It was also nice to have some alone time. I love hotel rooms when I’m by myself. I had packed too lightly though, since I didn’t want to check baggage. I’ll know better next time. A pair of slippers and sweats would’ve been very welcome.

We continue to wait for a closing date on our Typo Lake house. Notice I say “our” – this may be wishful thinking on my part, but so be it.

I’m heading to Indy tomorrow to help my parents pack up my grandma’s apartment. I’m looking forward to seeing them and Courtney.

I’ll miss Will and Ellen. Will’s behavior swings dramatically between being pleasure to be around to being a pint-sized monster. I cut his hair last night. It looks ridiculous, but I just don’t care. The thought of putting him in a barber’s chair and asking not to melt down is just not something I can handle right now.

I do feel VERY stressed, and in general. I’m guessing it’s a combination of uncertainty about the Typo Lake house, uncertainty about listing and selling our current home, the idea of packing and moving, day to day life with two small ones, feeling a bit distant from S due to all of the above, traveling, and a particularly HORRIBLE situation at work. I’m inordinately obsessed with Will and Ellen’s dental health. I keep banging my elbows on things. I haven’t been working out, and probably won’t until next week. I have a chronic headache. I don’t sleep well. And my feelings are hurt over an old friend being in town and not contacting me, even with a specific request that she do so. I’m also feeling stressed about ludicrous things, like not being on Facebook enough, and not taking enough pictures of the kids, and have a cell phone that is so old you can’t buy a charger for it anymore, and feeling trapped on one level of my house because either child will freak out if I go to the other floor, or I’ll feel guilty that I’m not contributing enough to the work of our home. Nothing in the last set of stressors is worth stressing about, but try telling my mind that.

I miss my sister.

So, after writing the above, I got a phone call from my boss who told me that a man we work with on a regular basis (like weekly), died over the weekend. Very unexpectedly. He fell in his hot-tub, and went to the doctor due to what he thought was the resulting back pain. They discovered that some of his internal organs were septic, and operated immediately to try to save him, but couldn’t. I just exchanged emails with him last week.

Every day has to be lived in the knowledge that life is short and precious and unpredictable.

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9 years ago

I love hotels, very much. I'm sorry that you're not enjoying it to the fullest, though, will all the stressors swirling about you. I agree with Connie -- focus on seeing Courtney. And, for my sake, try and bump into Michelle Bauchmann. REALLY, REALLY HARD. :D




9 years ago

Just remember you are going to see Courtney, & that will help w/all the other madness! Sorry you're so stressed right now; I hope the house uncertainty will be settled soon & that everything else will fall into place. I like being in hotels by myself too; it feels safe & anonymous & absolutely private, even if that's all an illusion.




9 years ago

(((Lynn))) :kiss:




9 years ago

PS: I meant to add re: breakfast - I got the idea watching my youngest and her eating habits. She is partial to eating two or three breakfasts :) Then she'll often have just a snack of cheese, crackers and fruit for lunch and a normal (well, for a two-year-old) dinner. It intrigued me, too, and I thought I might give her formula a try. Maybe we could call it the Two-Year-Old Diet? :laugh5:




9 years ago

:wave1: Very sorry to hear about your colleague. Life is so brief and fleeting - how sad. Your trip sounds sooo interesting - what a great opportunity. My sister lives in Michelle Bachman's district, so your comment about the crazy loon made me laugh :). Michelle is right - you need to take a deep breath, take a step back, and consider what's worth the energy of you worrying right now. I try to ask myself, "Is this still going to matter a month from now? Six months from now?" It helps me put things into perspective (and I am a champion worrier here!)




9 years ago

Breathe, Lynnie, Breathe! are right, many of the above are not worth the energy of worry and stress but it's hard to shut it all down and out. It's good that you were able to write it all down..that should help! So sorry to hear about your colleague .. that's horrible! You are right ... life is short and precious. I do believe that God was speaking to me the other night when this thought came into my head: live each day as if it is a privelege, not a chore. oh how I wish that was easily done! :kiss: