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Monday, Mar 23 2009

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My first day back in the office after the trip to Indiana. Twice now over the past two weeks, I’ve had to lay down in the morning to let some lightheadedness and a flushed-feeling pass. My stomach has also been very volatile lately. I keep thinking I must be dehydrated, so I’m trying very hard to drink more water than usual. I don’t like water, as a beverage, but I can make myself drink it if I feel like it will help my body.

First of all, it was great to see Courtney, and her churches. I love that I can picture her in her daily life now that I’ve seen the North and South campuses, and her office. I kept commenting to her, and thinking to myself, how “farm-y” the neighborhoods seemed – white picket fences, and horses, and rolling meadows. Its not what I think of when I think of Indianapolis. It was so pretty. And so much greener than MN is right now. Spring is springing there, and just barely starting here. Anyway, I’m so fortunate to know Courtney.

I enjoyed being with my parents, and even though there were times that it was hard to see Grandma in the shape she is in, I got a good impression of her nursing home . There was a care team meeting that we were able to be a part of during our visit, and it seemed like they all knew Grandma pretty well, and were looking out for her best interests. I know she would hate the state/situation she in. She made a few jokes, some deliberate, and some were just her usual wry-ness. She said something a long the lines of, “Determination and intelligence are no good without each other.” This was apropos of talking AT LENGTH about sailing over the ocean on a boat, and getting seasick. Regardless of the context, the statement was right-on. If my memory is correct, she has a tentative diagnosis of Lewey body dementia:

Its good to be back and into the routine of my life again. I don’t know what to think about how dependent on routine good choices are for me. It feels like an unavoidable handicap, but I know its not. Its just a matter of making up my mind NOT to let changes in routine affect my health choices, but for some reason, I just haven’t been willing to make up my in that way.

Update no. 3459 in the Typo Lake Drama: We went to the house yesterday as a family to do a version of a final walk through before our inspection period expires on Thursday, and what do we find? Oh, just that the ceiling is dripping, and junks of dry wall have fallen down in the lower level bath. This most likely due to the frozen pipes issue. I think S and I are just mentally exhausted and can’t figure out what this means for us. I think the selling agent is going to pay for the repairs –but who knows are far the damage goes, and what if we miss something huge? But, oh, the house and lake are SOOOO beautiful. It was quiet and gorgeous and I just FEEL like we’re meant to be there.

I’ll update more later this week, and need to catch up on blurinals/j-logs.

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9 years ago

Good to read the two of you had a great time together...I just love reading about all of y'all getting together and staying connected. Keeping fingers crossed regarding the house, I know how bad you want this for you and your family. :kiss:




9 years ago

I love the insightful comment about determination/intelligence, but mostly because it was in conjunction with boats and seasickness. I'm sorry you have to watch that, but I hope she's blissfully unaware of her state. // I have a feeling that the Typo Lake house is perfect for your family, no matter how much you'll have to do over the years. // This is making me crazy. If anything happens to Obama, I hope they drag her away in cuffs as an accessory. And I don't mean a nice handbag, either. :angry2:




9 years ago

:love: and :kiss:

by REV



9 years ago

I love the determination/intelligence quote. I can understand why the house is stressing you out and I hope you can get some resolution on it soon.