LYNNABEL's Sep 2009 CalorieKing Blog

Wednesday, September 23rd 2009

My drive home on Sunday was nerve-wracking at first since it rained hard for about an hour. Then it let up, and was beautiful. It actually took me a bit longer to get home – not sure why. I’m guessing I stopped more, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is no point in giving myself a bladder infection just to shave 20 minutes off of a drive.

I came home to find out there had been another leak in the house. Steve didn’t tell me about it while I was gone because he didn’t want me ...

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Tuesday, September 15th 2009

So much to write about, so little time.

Two items:

One, I'm nearly done with work and then I get to be ON MY OWN for 5 whole days. By "ON MY OWN" I mean "WITH PEOPLE I'M NOT MARRIED TO OR HAVE GIVEN BIRTH TO". I love both those I've birthed and the one I married, but I haven't been on my own (aside from a business trip or two) since last summer. Just think, I can STOP AND PEE WHENEVER I WANT TO. I CAN EAT AND READ MY BOOK WITHOUT ANYONE HAVING A TANTRUM. I CAN SWEAR...

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Friday, September 11th 2009

Fatty: I made the decision to put my Fatty to sleep. It was a hard decision. The medicine wasn’t eliminating the internal bleeding or his chronic vomiting. After I made the decision, Steve stepped in and was such a support to me, I couldn’t have asked for more. He arranged it and took Fatty in, sat with and petted him until he faded away. We buried Fatty together on our property. I am going to put together a placard of sorts with a picture of Fatty and his birth year and death year. I miss my ...

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