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Wednesday, Sep 23 2009

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My drive home on Sunday was nerve-wracking at first since it rained hard for about an hour. Then it let up, and was beautiful. It actually took me a bit longer to get home – not sure why. I’m guessing I stopped more, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is no point in giving myself a bladder infection just to shave 20 minutes off of a drive.

I came home to find out there had been another leak in the house. Steve didn’t tell me about it while I was gone because he didn’t want me to worry. Just like I didn’t tell him about Ripple’s infected ear when he was gone. Some might argue that’s not good communicating – I just think its thoughtful of us. There is nothing the other person can do other than worry and feel guilty, and that would defeat the purpose of the time away from home.

I came back feeling rested and restored. I know it was the combination of great company and knowing that the people I normally worry/obsess about were safe and happy. As much as I would like to reflect on each woman individually and what I really enjoyed and admire about her, this might not be the right place for that. Suffice it to say I haven’t laughed like that in long time, nor have I often felt as accepted and appreciated for just being myself.

I also found myself re-energized regarding food and exercise. I’m not sure why – it may just be as basic as being able to imagine all the women working hard at their goals and dealing with life when it gets in the way. S and I will quit on Sunday. I am dreading it, but it needs to happen. I found another wrinkle on my face this morning that wasn’t there a few months ago, and I know exactly what habit to blame for it.

In case anyone is interested in the soap opera that is Will’s potty training – since we reached the end of our sanity, searched the internet for the 9807th time and finally found a pamphlet on potty trying older boys (the author’s theory is no more diapers or pull ups at all, and tp use accidents as teaching moments to connect the urge to go more intimately with the success on the potty), he has been doing a virtually PERFECT job of pooping in either the big potty or the potty in his room. Steve and I even found a bad of used wipes that he had been using and throwing away – it made me so proud of him. He has been waking up with wet underwear, and we’re not sure how best to handle that. I don’t want to go back to pull ups, and even when we wake him up late at night or early in the morning, he still pees in his sleep. We need to find a way to limit his liquids, but he is SO attached to taking a cup of water to bed with him. As much as I don’t want to, we may need to just take it away for a while. I have read that there are some boys whose bodies simply can’t control urination during sleep until they are older.

Steve and I brainstormed ideas for dealing with our difficult evenings, and have decided that when I get home, he will take Will outside right away, after hugs and kisses. Ellen is usually happy to let me get changed and make something for dinner – or at least she is more manageable when Will isn’t right there, too. I reiterated my belief that family dinners are important and really should not be a daily trainwreck, and that I was grudgingly willing to wait for another six months or so before we try them. I said it more politely than that, but I was heard and that’s all I need for the moment.

I saw my therapist yesterday and it was another good session. We actually talked a lot about attachment, and she gave me some authors to look up. I wasn’t left to cry in my crib as a baby for hours on end, but I did only get intermittent connection to and reinforcement from my mother as I grew older, so I have always had a feeling of insecurity around her – around her lack of any weaknesses/failings (so it seemed to me). Its painful to think about my mom in a critical way, and terrifying to think of what I’m doing to Will and Ellen, but these are good things to think about if for no other reason that they give me context for some of my uncomfortable feelings and chronic self doubt. I am still enjoying the Terrance Real book – I am in the section on how to ask for what you need in close relationships, and its really resonating with me. I am anxious to start the yoga classes.

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8 years ago

And honey, if you have a double chin then I've got more chins than a Chinese phone book.

by JAY



8 years ago

"New agey", borrowing Tori's stick and "kicking ass"??? Where's Lynn? What have you done with her??? :lol:

by JAY



8 years ago

Just got done with Tori's blog; you do NOT have a double chin. Trust me. I just saw you a few weeks ago, and there was no double chin. /// Thanks for the love this week. It's been rough, but I get to see Cate on Saturday, and that knowledge is good for my soul. /// As for MY body, you haven't seen me naked! :( My belly is much bigger than it was before, along with the extra fat on my hips. And if I can whittle my thighs down to where they were before, I will be ECSTATIC. /// Much love to you. :kiss:

by CBL



8 years ago

I was worried about you starting out in the rain. I'm so glad it didn't last all day. I HATE driving in the rain! Glad you came home feeling rested--and that you didn't have to spend the weekend worrying about the leak. Just so you know, M was older than most kids before he was fully potty trained too. But he's flawless now! :laugh5: I think kids, especially boys, are on their own schedules & they learn when they're ready. I found it really hard not to be stressed about it, though, since I kept hearing about all the other kids who learned at, you know, 14 months or something. And because I just kept thinking how much easier it would be! Sounds like Will's about to make the transition. Yay!




8 years ago

I enjoyed sharing however briefly in your vice & recalling the halcyon days when I could crank through a pack without even trying. Ah ... if only it wouldn't kill us! Then EVERYONE would do it! :devious: I'm glad you are feeling rested & restored. I'm sure the weekend is helping me get through this unusually horrible week. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. :kiss:




8 years ago

I'm glad you got to have a restful time on your own! As for that wrinkle causing habit...I am embarrassed to admit that I've picked it up again too (pretty stupid vice to choose in response to finding out one's father has throat cancer :bang: ) I too will be nixing that when we're back from our cruise. But, don't dread it! You've quit before and you know it can be done. It's not easy, but you'll do it - I have faith in you :kiss:



8 years ago

I think it's more than considerate to withhold information from your SO in situations where they are 1) trying to relax and recreate and 2) are powerless to do a damned thing about it. Unless the SO has abandoned you and has taken to the road without so much as a by-your-leave. Then one should take every opportunity to whine about each and every thing that's gone wrong. And then some. :devious:




8 years ago

Good to read you had a great trip. JP and I don't usually share bad news which neither of us can control while we are away from each other. There was little you could do about the roof so why take away from the nice time you were having on vacation. I think that is very sweet.