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Monday, Oct 26 2009

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Week 3 of Callie's Countdown was a big disapointment for me. No change in the scale or measurements. And I met all my goals except for only working out 3 times instead of 4. In and of itself this can't have made the difference between losing and not losing.

I was mad. Really mad, for the first few hours on Saturday morning. The weeks, for me, feels SO long when each day is limited to 1200/1300 calories that it is very hard not to be hugely disapointed when the scale shows none of that misery.

Eventually the anger passed, and I'm not changing anything except, if anything, to be MORE exact in my planning. I did consider upping the exercise a bit, but its just perfect the way it is right now, so I'd prefer not to. We'll see. I work from home today, which is the one day I usually don't workout during the week, so I'll have time to figure it out before work tomorrow.

By the way, I'd suspect a bit of stagnation due to the low calories if I weren't giving myself a refeed once a week. It has worked for me so well in the past, but if I have to increase the weekly calories a bit and give up the refeed, I will. I just want to get to maintenance.

More later.

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8 years ago

^^ I hope that didn't sound not as intended. :kiss:




8 years ago

Lynn, I hate to break the news but you are teeny tiny so of course your body will resist giving up anything. Hang in there and focus on being healthy. :kiss:




8 years ago

You know you are going to see some changes soon... Keep on babe.. :kiss:




8 years ago

I feel your pain. Keep on doing what you're doing & you're bound to see results. In the meantime, don't be too hard on yourself! Sounds to me like last week was a real success!




8 years ago

You know, sometimes that happens, & you don't see the results until the next week! I'd be mad about it too, especially if I had to stick to 1,200 calories to lose weight. I'd probably gnaw my own arm off & drop a few lbs. that way. But I know you will see some downward movement on the scale if this week goes as well as the last one.




8 years ago

The hard part, I think, is remembering - and adjusting to - the fact that what worked for us a year or two years ago may or may not equally well or in the same way (or at the same pace!) it did the last time because our body chemistry continues to change. Damned annoying, and hard to remember whilst juggling diligent hard work AND frustration! Hang in, love, you are taking good care of yourself and that is having its own good results, and will continue to move you forward. :love:

by REV