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Monday, Nov 16 2009

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I'm going to take 10 minutes to do a quick update - I keep waiting until I have a chunk of time, and its just not happening this (or last, or next) week.

Week whatever (6?) on Callie's Challenge was okay in that I maintained. Normally that would be a big bummer for me, but since I traveled 3 days for work I knew that I'd be retaining some water, and my hands definitely felt puffy. So, hopefully, there was even a little hidden loss in there, but I obviously can't count it. Eating went very well - I was proud of my restraint. I had Jillian's white fish and veggies at every opportunity. Unless its breaded and fried, there aren't very many ways to really drown white fish in calories. Even if its buttered, its not horrible. Ditto veggies (obviously they need to be without cream and not fried). Its good to have that in my tool kit. And, I enjoy fish and veggies. I wish lunch places were better with those types of stock/healthy items.

My skinny jeans are fitting pretty well again, so I'm feeling good. I wish Thanksgiving were 3 weeks away instead of 1.5. Darn real life.

Will has had a few good days in a row now at school, which is such a relief to me. I expect that not every day will be great, but as long as MORE are great than bad, I'll be able to manage my anxiety about it. He is my precious monkey and I swear I spend so much time worried about him. Not Ellie, though - she has me convinced she practically ready to move out the house. My skinny little bald-headed girl will rule the world someday - mark my words.

Work is getting busy for me. This is new. I feel like my honeymoon might be over. Goodbye 36 hour weeks. :wave1: Oh, well - it was nice while it lasted.

What else? It was so great to see my family again after my trip - it makes me think I should go away more often. :laugh5: Actually, I do go away pretty often. I've had St. Louis, New Orleans, and now Dallas since September. I'll have DC and Miami in March and April respectively. I might have to fit something in in January to keep me sane. Mmmm. Anyone wanna go to Duluth with me??

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8 years ago

:hi::wave1::hi::wave1: Me! Me! Take me!!

by AMYC18



8 years ago

It's excellent to maintain while traveling. I'll bet there will be more loss by next week. :clap: Glad Will is figuring out how to cope and you can keep the anxiety down a bit. This being a parent things is hard. Hard! And...I'm with you on the 1200 cals. It's too horrible for words. Ugh.




8 years ago

Duluth in January? Ummm ... nuh uh.

by REV



8 years ago

But Triscuits are Baked Whole Grain crackers .. they must be good for you SOME HOW! :laugh5: