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Thursday, Nov 19 2009

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Will's first school picture!!

Exquisite eyeliner dream last night. No eyeliner involved, though. This time it was a futuristic urban setting, with white marbled landscaping rocks everywhere. Random fires popped up out of the rocks. I was carrying my clothes instead of carrying a suitcase of clothes, which meant I kept dropping the clothes, and picking them up. This, apparently, was very exciting. Prior to that, there were huge, cylindrical (hi, Jay!) towers with elevators inside that required much riding up and down. I need a good Freudian dream interpreter. Er, maybe not as it seems pretty blatant.

Work is very stressful right now. I realized after a particularly unpleasant meeting that I need take all the things I'm learing and exploring with Jill (my therapist) and be mindful of them everyday. I keep hoping certain things will become habit, but they won't become habit until I am deliberate and proactive and consciously applying them. I don't know how to implement this, though. Perhaps a 5 minute mini-meditation session just after getting to work in the morning? Bascially to remind myself that a) I am doing my best b) even if I am awkward in my approaches/responses at times, my company is pretty dysfunctional - ie its NOT just me c) try to remove opinions and feelings from my interactions with a few key individuals. I also want to incorporate some yoga into my mornings, but am still in the planning stages with that.

I am hoping to see my sister in April on a trip to Miami - I have been thinking about making this trip a reward for maintaining. I need to mentally iron out the details because this type of reward has to be purchased well in advance, so I may not have succeed by the time I commit to it, but I think I can get my thinking in line with it. I'm NOT a carrot and stick person when it comes to weight loss - to me, the reward is the weight being lost. But, perhaps I could use this tool with maintenance, since that is my huge struggle.

Am so curious about this week's weigh in on Saturday - I am feeling good, and hope scale and measuring tape confirm that.

Can't believe its Thanksgiving next week. We are going to OKC - did I mention that? Steve is coming, which will be wonderful. I'm just bummed that my sister and brother won't be there.

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8 years ago

That has got to rank up there with the most adorable school pictures on the planet. OMG is he a cutie-pie!//Hope you have a good trip to OKC--and I think you should plan your trip to see your sis just because it would be good for you both!//I try to spend 10 minutes or so meditating when I first arrive at work--before opening email or checking messages or anything. I use the time to set an intention for the day and to settle into work. I've found it gives me a better outlook and clearer focus. I'm a fan. I also learned to do what my teacher called a "feet and seat" and I do that anytime I'm getting ready for a meeting or a difficult phone call. You can do it when other people are around cuz it doesn't look like anything. You just sit up straight in your chair, feel the connection of your feet to the floor and your seat in the chair, and acknowledge that you are supported. I focus on my breath for a few counts, and because I've been doing the meditation practice, it relaxes me almost immediately. It's a great tool for me. You might check out Suzanne Kryder's Mind To Lead website. I like many of her tools for leaders!//Hope the weekend is restful for you!




8 years ago

Oh my, what a handsome little young man and just look at that smile. You and those dreams gurl... :$




8 years ago

That picture is precious!! :love: I agree with Tori. The trip doesn't need a reward. Take it because you need it and just want to see your sister. You deserve it!

by AMYC18



8 years ago

Will is precious. What a beautiful picture. ... I think your trip is a great idea and should not be used as a reward for anything besides living through a Minnesota winter. ... My zone breakfast was a slice of my bread, 2 eggs whites and one whole egg and a cup of 1% milk. It lasted me until well past noon, too. Gosh I wish the Zone wasn't such a PITA. =D




8 years ago

Excellent eyeliner dream! I like the random fires as well as the towers and elevators.

Sorry about the work stress--it sounds like Jill is doing a good job helping you come up with some coping strategies!

Fingers x'd for a good Saturday weigh-in!




8 years ago

That boy is soo handsome! /// Love your dream...yeah, no fancy intrepeter needed. :laugh5:




8 years ago

Oh, he's such a little man.
Something is wrong here. You get the eyeliner dream :eyebrows: and I get the prison orange pants :cross1: .




8 years ago

Oh, he's such a little man.
Something is wrong here. You get the eyeliner dream :eyebrows: and I get the prison orange pants :cross1: .




8 years ago

What a gorgeous boy, Lynnie! He posed and smiled excellently -- a good omen for further school pics! (I have 13 years worth of pictures of Dominic scowling.) At least the dream had no bears or speed boats. Or funerals gone horribly wrong. :D




8 years ago

I've had the clothes-with-no-suitcase dream too! And last night I watched, through a window near the ceiling of my room, as a tall building next to me had a penthouse fire. WTH?! And that is a seriously darling school picture - such a little man!

by REV



8 years ago

Exquisite eyeliner dream without eyeliner? :laugh5: That is an adorable picture of Will....getting so big!!