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Saturday, Nov 21 2009

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I am SO frustrated. No loss this week. Not even a 10th of a lb. Measurements were down (very, very slightly), but I can't accept that this is my new set point. Although, yes, it would be easier to maintain here, my self confidence is tied to a different number. Really, really tied to a different number.

And looking forward to next week - I'm traveling! I can't expect to be on as on track as I want to be when traveling! I'm so frustrated.

What can I do differently?

Work out more? I already do what feels like the most my schedule will allow (25-30 minutes, 4 x week). I know that isn't tons, but I work full time, have a 1 hour commute and small children. I don't think I'm making excuses, am I?

Eat less? I already only eat around 1200-1300 calories per day 5x per week - and that is gross, not net. This level of calories SUCKS - its HARD. I don't think reducing that would be good for my body, would it?

Give up my free day? Oh, I don't want to. I don't want to. But maybe that's it. Then I could weigh myself every morning to see if there is TRULY NO DAMN fluctuation in my weight.

Should I get my BMR tested? What if it is abnormally low? It would be good to know FOR SURE.

Should I try to maintain here until after Xmas? Maybe that will give my body a chance to recalibrate, and then I'll see more movement on the scale if I do a post-Xmas push.

I've never been more pissed at my genes.

Think short term: I think I'll keep my free day today, do reduced calories as best I can while traveling, not weigh in next week, skip next week's free day and see where that leaves me - theoretically that's 13 days of reduced calories. If I maintain I'll know I need to do/tweak one of the above. If I lose, I'll just know that this process is INCREDIBLY, PAINFULLY slow. If I gain, I'll slit my wrists. Sound good?

Seriously, though - I could use any input/ideas you might have.

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8 years ago

Sounds like your metabolism is trying to sneak in a long winters nap on you. Have you thought about increasing your calories for a few weeks and then returning to your set calories? This often works for me. Not sure if you are doing the same exercise routine each day but you might want to change up and see if that gets your body pumping again. Just be patient, sounds like you are doing everything right.




8 years ago

I think you are going to find that it's just excruciatingly slow, not that you're at a setpoint. Sometimes you have a week or two where nothing happens, & then you drop a couple of lbs. all at once. I bet something like that will happen if you stick to your short-term plan.

I hope the trip goes well!




8 years ago

To be honest, I don't think you're eating enough! Eat more protein and intensify the workouts in the time you do have (intervals would be one idea). And hang in there--consistency will budge the scale!




8 years ago

maybe try net for a couple three weeks and see what happens. then drop back again and see if it jostles your metabolism. have a great trip!




8 years ago

I can tell you right now I'm not crazy about the slit your wrist option. :dork2:
I like the *maintenance until after Christmas* idea. The holidays are stressful enough without adding all that frustration. :kiss: