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Thursday, Nov 26 2009

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I am 35 today. I'm trying to figure out what that means to me. At one point it produced a lot of anxiety - original questions like, "What is the point of it all?" Today I am focused on where I want my career to be.

I'm focused on that because of yet another unpleasant interaction with my coworker from hell. Even though I was able to (mainlyh) frame the situation mentally as "This is HER issue, Lynn, not yours" I am left with a horrible taste in my mouth and true sense that my boss will simply NOT "protect" me from this situation. (This is actually a big step for me - not to disolve into rage and anger and shame over it). But what to do? I can think of two things: Insist (to my boss) that my coworker have her compliance needs met by someone other than me, which would be essentially having my position redefined as what it was when I started. Or simply ignore her and the situation. I've rejected every other option I've thought of. I'm stuck in a mental do-loop that I can't get out of with regards to this. I am so resentful that EITHER (or even ANY) choice may stand in the way of future opportunities for me at this company. I am going to try to put into the back of my mind during our trip and Thanksgiving, and see if I can come up with anything better by NOT thinking about it.

Has anyone noticed that its a horrible time to be looking for a job? :nono1:

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8 years ago

Happy Birthday! I feel your pain--I'm miserable at my job but it's my boss who is my problem. I love my co-workers! If you can keep telling yourself that it's her problem and not yours, you're doing better than I am! :wink3: If I was in a better place I could believe my friends when they tell me this is a learning/growth experience for me.




8 years ago

Maybe you need a little voodoo doll of your evil coworker. Then when she attacks you, you can open your desk drawer & secretly stick a pin in her! I hope you had a good birthday. Don't let numbers bother you--you are obviously a person who won't stop growing & changing & progressing, no matter what your actual age. Hope you had an excellent holiday weekend. :kiss:




8 years ago

Hi Lynn, thanks for the comment. I'm 5'4", so not really short but not really tall. Ick. Sounds like an unfortunate job situation. However, I'm with Jax on this one. Those people tend to combust like overripe planets after a time and jet off to other galaxies. Hopefully, that'll happen. If not, use whatever composure you can muster to get through it. Yep, job front a bit tight right now. I hope you had a great birthday!




8 years ago

Happy Birthday Lynn! No words of wisdom for the work situation ..just a great big birthday hug! Have a fantastic day!




8 years ago

Happy Birthday! As far as the job, patience because "time" will be on your side. Watch and wait, people like this person usually exhaust themselves, get exposed OR God simply removes you from His distraction. :kiss:




8 years ago

I like what Nadine said. :love: you & Happy Birthday.




8 years ago

Happy Birthday, Lynn. I was stuck in a miserable job situation a year ago, and eventually the decision was made for me...//my words of wisdom are this. For a long time, I thought I COULDN'T take on a job that would pay me less than I was making -- I soon figured out that that wasn't true. So, while you're looking for a job, step outside of the box and follow your heart. Life is too short to spend it miserably at the hands of someone else.

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