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Sunday, Dec 13 2009

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Okay - how annoying. I just wrote an entry, and lost it. Arg.

Just wanted to let you know that I am safe, and my family is safe, so my apologies if I worried anyone in that regard. I have some non CK individuals who see my blog so I can't make it for members-only. So, I have to be a bit cryptic in case there is someone out there looking, you know?

The problem still is exists, and will for some time. I will have to figure out how to live with until I can change it. I don't know quite yet how I will do that because it hit me in a very soft spot, but I will also be trying very hard.

I am in need of, and in search of, a good mantra ( :wave1: Tori) to keep me focused on what is positive and in my control.

Will showed me the spirit of the season yesterday. He spent an hour working on decorating Christmas cards for his Sunday school teachers. He wanted them to be just right, and he was so joyous about it. He put more thought into those cards than some people put into the whole holiday season, and it was a humbling and heartbreaking thing to see.

On a personal, positive note, at last weigh in I am down to 132! This is only 2 lbs away from my goal. I don't know if my goal is realistic or not, but it may be, since I wasn't sure I could ever get under 135 again, and I did. I am really, really looking forward to maintenance, and making this permanent. It is SO gratifying to have hard work pay off.

Again, thank you for your love. It made a HUGE difference.

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8 years ago

Glad to know you're safe. Sorry to hear you'll have to be dealing with the problem for awhile. Is it something meditation can help? In the meantime, :kiss:.

Way to go on the weight! Congrats. That's really excellent news. 2 pounds is doable. May be hard, but doable! You're rockin it.

Sweet Will. :love:




8 years ago

I'll see if I can find you a mantra, Lynnie. My new one is 'Eating cleaner is worth some boredom.'

Yay for being so close to goal! I'm proud of you. :clap:




8 years ago





8 years ago

So one of our sweet peas, Carly, who is ... I think 3 ... is sitting with her mom Angie this morning, front row. Randy did a very brief (tho' not as brief as he'd suggested it would be - go figure, right?!) meditation in the midst of the all-music service. And he's talking about 'joy' since it's the joy weekend of Advent - and he's talking about how there isn't really a universal symbol for joy like there is for love or peace. And he says 'Is the joy at Christmas about gifts?' And Carly pipes up, again, from the front row 'NO!' And everyone for three rows around chuckles. And Carly looks at Angie and says, 'But I'm right, right?' Methinks sweet Carly and precious William have much to teach us.

by REV



8 years ago

:kiss: Will keep you lifted up in prayer as all things shall pass and there is much to be gained by learning n the meantime. My Madea would say, Learning is the protector of your soul baby girl. I tend to agree, what we learn today, will help protect our soul in the future and that's always a positive both now or later. Great job on nearing goal and you give that boy a big old hug, I love when we get to see other people's light shine...esp the wee ones.