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Wednesday, Feb 10 2010

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Just for Jackie. :kiss: And for Tori - I'm a blog lurker, lately, too.

Am crazy busy at work right now. My slow-it-down approach is hard to follow but in the end its worth the anxiety saved.

I'm getting over a cold and I just finished a 35 minute run that really kicked my hinney. Very low weight on the scale this morning - probably a fluke but not unwelcome.

Have so many thoughts, ideas, etc. in my mind but finding time to write about them is tough.

Ellen is totally little girl now - not a toddler. Its freaking me out. She is SO bright and SO stubborn. I am an unstinting admirer of hers, but her willpower and tenacity give me a facial tick some days.

Alright, back to the grind. Hopefully I can make some headway this afternoon.

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8 years ago

All is almost right in the universe now, thank you. Oh and the part about ...'but her willpower and tenacity give me a facial tick some days' was absolutely funny. LOL Hope things slow down for you and great job on getting that run in and watching the numbers go down in the process. Bravo :clap: