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Friday, Apr 9 2010

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Fifteen minutes before I have to get Will up and our morning started.

Miami with Stephie was wonderful. We did absolutely nothing strenuous apart from riding the bus to and from Lincoln Road twice. Otherwise we sat on the balcony or on the beach or at the pool and read and talked.

The view from our room was spectacular. The sun rose over the ocean and woke us up slowly each morning. The hotel was a source of some amusement to us. The reasonable price (for Miami Beach) was explained by the random corners cut – like no little booklet in the room to tell you when the gym was open or where the ice machines were, only one garbage can in the room (you wouldn't think would matter, but it did), room service without forks, no gift shop, etc. But the beds were great and really, the little weirdnesses didn't matter at all. We had a corner suite on the 19th floor (there were 20 floors) so we got lots of sunlight and plenty of privacy.

The beach had a seasonal crop of jelly fish so we didn't swim, but that was fine because we used the pool. I got a good burn on my chest but no where else. I was quite literally the whitest person in Miami.

I learned there is no such thing as too much cleavage. Which is a good thing to remember – I need to not be so squeamish about mine outside of work.

It was really hard to leave. I could've easily stayed another two days. We tentatively talked about Cost Rica or Greece next year.

The trip coincided with a tension between Steve and I which was strange and not the most pleasant. Also, Will was very upset that I left and that made me feel pretty badly. I brought him home a post card of Miami and seashells and hopefully that type of thing in the future in conjunction with his map of the US and really learning about the calendar will help him know in his anxious little heart that I haven't disappeared and that I am coming back. Always. I don't want to get in the habit of buying toys or those types of gifts for him because I think that might not send the right message (I feel guilty, here is compensation), but something relevant to the place I've been might be just the thing.

The trip also coincided with the realization that I have no personal style, or not one that I like. I'm generally in a size I'm happy with (even with how generous sizing has become), and I would have thought I'd be a shopping maniac but I'm not. I go the thrift store (!?!) or Kohls. As a result I end up with clothing that isn't the best quality and doesn't really last. I need to slowly build some higher quality staples into my wardrobe which hopefully will help alleviate the money weirdness that living with frugal Steve has instilled in me.

I've been thinking (read stressing) a lot lately about where Will should go for kindergarten. And have been very frustrated with the lack of clear information online as to how to narrow down our options and what the deadlines are. It just seems like there should be a website that lets you put in your zip code and voila, shows you all the schools in your area (public and private) and what the deadlines/processes are for enrollment. I've got a few options for us, found mostly only because I'd heard other parents discussing this at Will's preschool. I am feeling INSANELY protective of Will in regards to big kid school. Like pathologically protective. I think because he seems SO vulnerable to me, much more than other kids his age. There is an interesting charter school in the same suburb as my work, which would mean he couldn't take the bus, but it may be worth the extra driving on my/Steve's part. The next step is figure out what the enrollment / lottery process is.

So, just when I start to wonder how Steve and I will get ourselves back into a better place, he calls me from the coffee isle of the grocery store to tell me he wants to get the very best coffee for me and what kind would I like? Sweet, huh?

I'm on a avocado kick lately. I love avocados.

Does anyone else take lack of communication the professional setting personally? Because I do. There's no way for me not to, I've found. Even though I know that most of the time no disrespect is meant. Strange.

It is a lovely day, and I've been drafting this entry for 3 days now so I'm just going to post it and be done.

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8 years ago

I'm glad you had such a nice getaway. I'm curious to know HOW you learned the cleavage lesson. For instance, was there a wardrobe malfunction? :laugh5: Or did you experiment intentionally? Or was it just the effect of a hot new bathing suit?

I remember you having some really cute dresses. You should focus on things that show off your great legs. :thumbu2: Combine that with the cleavage for a knockout ensemble!

Glad the tension lightened between you & S--hope it stays that way.




8 years ago

Your Miami time with Stephie sounds wonderful - glad you could get away - work on the guilt - you deserve some time for you.// Maybe one of these days I'll post again instead of just writing them in my head!




8 years ago

Your get-away with your sister sounds fabulous!
Avocado :tongue8:




8 years ago

ooooh! I love avocados too. I crave them like crazy! I am laughing about your comments about Miami. Totally true! //How thoughtful of Steve to ask your coffee desire! I hope that is the start of you feeling like things are not so tense. //Good luck with the kindergarten thing. It is truly an awakening for parent and child alike!!

by NMA5632