LYNNABEL's Jul 2010 CalorieKing Blog

Friday, July 23rd 2010

You know you are an old married couple when you discuss at length the lives and events and movements of the nest of baby robins and their fierce/protective parents in the eaves of your deck. Almost as exciting is finding a broad-tailed hawk feather (16 inches long!) on a walk through the woods. Ditto worrying about where the lake’s lone loon is – if the gulf oil spill hurt him (loons migrate to and from there!) I’ll be so sad. And the avidly shared bald eagle sightings. Okay, so those things...

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Monday, July 19th 2010

My mantra for today is that there is virtue in doing a good job at something that makes you really really really really mad. There has to be virtue or else what am I doing?

I'm realizing that both my job title and my salary are totally out of whack with the rest of the world - nice for me in my current position, but not very reasuring when it comes to finding The Next Thing based on actual prior experiences. Right now I'm basically an over-paid over-titled administrative assistant, dealing ...

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Tuesday, July 6th 2010