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Tuesday, Oct 26 2010

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I did the 15 Minute routine again this morning. My legs and hips feel so sore. The routine took about 25 minutes this time. I imagine it flows more smoothly the longer you practice it. I found a few of the moves online, but not all of them. I can't find that Teresa Tapp even has a DVD available with just the 15 Minute routine on it. Seems strange that that wouldn't be available.

I don't think it is related, but I am having some tenderness in my lower abdomen. Not cramping, so I don't think it has to do with the IUD, but I am also spotting again. Its not very uncomfortable, so I am not worried yet, just recording this for future observation. It started last night.

Visited another potential kindergarden for Will today - seems like a good option. I'm starting to freak out a bit about it, though - my eagerness for him to be in preschool is not translating into an eagerness for him to be in Kindergarden. Hmmm.

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7 years ago

I broke down and ordered a couple of DVDs, but now can't remember which ones. I'm interested to see your progress!




7 years ago

Because kinder makes them big! I had the same issue with Jake going into kinder. It seemed like such a big step. /// I had spotting and cramping for a full 30 days after my IUD insertion (I had the Mirena). So don't be surprised if it lasts a bit longer than you expected. Do they do a 30-45 day follow up appt? My gyn. does it with his IUD patients in order to perform an ultrasound and make sure the IUD has settled where it was supposed to be. If you do have that appt, bring up any thing you found odd since insertion, just to be sure.

by CBL



7 years ago

In my package they sent me the "Basic Workout Plus" DVD which is very good. Not sure if the one I received in my package is the standard one that everybody gets when ordering separately but it starts off with about 30 minutes of education on identifying your body type. Then it goes into 30 minutes learning all the positions and forms. Next you get to meet all the students in the video and learn how many inches they lost in so many weeks. After that its the 15 minute workout without any instructions on form. I tried this one at first thinking I was big and bad and ready to move up to the big league in just one day. Um, less than 3 minutes into it I was quickly retreating and flipping back to the instructional workout first. Finally there is one last section on the DVD but I cannot remember what it is however I think it has to do with closing statements. Basically you end up getting two workout sessions on the DVD (beginner and Intermediate/Advanced). I am finding that form is very important and is no joke when you do it right. Hope this helps.