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Sunday, Feb 27 2011

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As God is my witness, my 3 year old daughter said this to me today: "Mommy, you are a genius." Takes one to know one was my thought. :laugh5:

Last week was the first week in my new job - the first day was actually canceled b/c of the snow storm, which in MN is pretty rare. We know how to deal with lots of snow. So then I had an all day orientation by HR and then started in the office on Wednesday. I have an office, which was a nice surprise - it isn't soundproof but it does have some privacy which is nice.

I am getting familiar with a number of things - I still can't figure out how the work actually gets done, so I am hoping that become apparent pretty quickly. My staff seems great and not resentful, which I was afraid of. In fact, my 'star' staff member had to present to me during the new employee orientation! He said he was horribly nervous - which was funny because I was horribly nervous when I realize he must be one of my staff. I think he could have been considered for my role but doesn't want to be in management. Its strange - most of my staff are older than me. I am not sure how I feel about that. Not sure how I'd feel about having a 'boss' younger than me. I'm sure that's pretty common for us Gen X'ers - since there are so many baby boomers...

I have my usually anxieties about whether I'm smart enough/experienced enough to do this job well, or if the expectations of me that I am hearing are those that are actually meant. The wise people in my life tell me to fake it 'til I make it. I am a little nervous that my goals don't seem to be formally written down yet anywhere - I think that will come, but given my recent experience I'm extra sensitive to formal/realistic goals being established early on. I'm also unclear on how much 'work' I'll actually be doing, and how much work I'll be delegating to others, both on and off my team.

I really respect my VP - she seems very good at communicating to all levels of the organization. I am intimidated by the fact that many, many people that I work with have been there for 15+ years (many at or over 25 years!). That makes for a lot of institutional knowledge that I don't have. I have also never had the kind of legal support that I will have in this role - which is both good and intimidating.

The drive is long, but doable. I listened to Fahrenheit 451 last week on CD. My primary thought was, "So Bradbury in the late 40's/early 50's can predict reality TV and the demise of newspapers and excessive interest in sports, but he can't imagine a world where women are anything OTHER than housewives...interesting." It was good, but I had a hard time getting past that issue, so it didn't resonate deeply with me. Even Star Trek could imagine a world where women were officers, etc.

I am working towards limiting my carb intake to only whole grains during the week. Its not completely possible, but I'm getting closer. I feel good about it, although I can't say I've seen huge results yet. I'm hoping they come. I am working out in the mornings - not much (25 min) but at least its something. Once my work schedule and routine feel more predictable, I may revisit that b/c there are workout rooms onsite. I just have a limited window timewise for my commute so I don't get caught in bumper to bumper. I also like knowing that my w/o is out of the way early in the day. And it makes it easier to sit in the car in the morning.

I really miss Will and Ellen in the mornings - this is the hardest part so far. Some days I wonder what I am doing being away from them. Besides supporting them, I mean. I'm sure there will be a day when I will be flabbergasted that my daughter actually once thought I was brilliant and my son would willingly let me cuddle him or would beg me to go swimming with him. I really don't want to take this time for granted.

I do have more thoughts, but I'm going to leave it at that for now.

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7 years ago

Speaking from the position where many if not most of my managers are younger than I am, don't sweat it. I consciously chose to not move into management and with every new manager we come to terms quickly. By that I mean we develop a partnership and that's all I care about.

I wouldn't beat Bradbury too hard. Nobody gets it all right. The original Star Trek still viewed woman more as objects d'art than independent thinking persons in their own right. And that was 20 years after "451". I don't know that it's important what the media or press say so much as what you as an individual view as your place in society. Remember, Eleanor Roosevelt was considered radically progressive for her time and yet she still carved a lasting niche for herself in history. You've got to make your own mark regardless of which set of plumbing you have.

And that's all I'm gonna say about that. [:)]

by JAY