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Sunday, March 27th 2011

I had a thought I wanted to capture before I lost it.

There is some alchemy in the spring sunshine together with laughter after tension that has lasted too long that makes me raw to the world - in both good and bad ways. I feel at the end of something - winter, I guess, but something more, too, I think. I feel exhausted and rejuvenated at the same time. I feel desperate love for my babies together with confusion for myself that isn't necessarily 'bad'. My eyes well up at nearly everything, ...

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Saturday, March 5th 2011

Major meltdown for me today. Not for sure on why - maybe a disapointing weigh in, maybe a frustrating set of interactions with S, maybe feeling overwhelmed by the new job, maybe fatigue from less sleep. That sounds about right.

I don't really want to dwell, but it is amazing how writing things down, specifically, typing things down, helps me organize my thoughts. I wish my thoughts were naturally organized, but I suspect that's not an acquired skill.

Some things that need to change:

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