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Friday, Apr 8 2011

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A few random observations on my mind.

My craving for and response to my children's physical affection is akin to what I imagine a drug addict's response to be. Not to say that they don't make me crazy a good half of the time, but nothing is better than their sweet little pats and nuzzles. NOTHING.

I had white pasta the other night and not only did it not taste good, it left me feeling bloated and gross. If permanent, this would be a god-send because then my 'bad' carb addictions might be limited to chex mix, bread, and the occasional fried potato. This is exciting. Even bread for me now is almost always non-white, which is good.

I've been wonderfully full this week due to the increased cals - however, in retrospect, I think I should have upped them gradually rather than all at once. I'm expected a spike on the scale tomorrow and will need to mentally prepare for that.

I got a Tom Venuto book from Amazon that I'm looking forward to reading.

Two weeks 'til Tulum - 2W2T!! I am so white I will scare the beejesus out of all living things there. I will probably have to convince people I'm actually alive and not a corpse. I glow in the dark, I'm so white.

I caught a inadvertent glimpse of myself in a full mirror before a shower the other night (I generally try to avoid this) and re-realized that I would've been considered seriously HOT in the 1700's judging by the nekkid lady paintings from that general era. Granted, I wouldn't have been able to vote or own property in my own name or have survived child birth or have kept my teeth past 30, so one could argue that there are trade-offs. :wink3:

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7 years ago

Ah nuts, you are considered seriously HOT by my standards so there! :P

When we were in the Philippines we went to the village L.'s family is from. It's a cute little town about 2 hours ad 100 years south on Manila. As I am a pasty white boy I tend to avoid the tropical sun lest I look like a land lobstah. My joke than was I was standing in the shade so that air traffic control didn't have to issue a glare advisory. As we were saying our farewells to L.'s 89 year old aunt two young girls, maybe 7 or 8 years old and dark brown from a life of paying outside, slid up to me. One held her arm up next to mine and they both giggled. Curiosity satisfied they took off to play and probably tell stories about the great white ghost that they saw.

by JAY



7 years ago

We know Amy thinks you're hot--we have the photos to prove it! :eyebrows:

Glad the maintenance plan is making you feel less hunger-crazed. The spike on the scale may not be as big as you expect--I hope it won't be because I think you're taking some good steps to feel healthier!




7 years ago

I CANNOT pick which comment has me laughing more. Amy's right -- you're in fine form today! I always say that I'm so white that when the light bounces off my pasty white skin, it scars the retinas of all who are nearby. It's THAT bad. And? Baby kisses are the BEST! :kiss:




7 years ago

:laugh5: You're in a goofy mood today. Love that!

I'm impressed with your carb control. Unfortunately for me, if it's white I'll eat it.

I personally think you're seriously HOT there! :kiss:

And yes please on seeing each other soon!:thumbu2:

by AMYC18