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Sunday, Apr 10 2011

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No spike on the scale - in fact, I was down from a frustrating high. That was nice - I still would much prefer to be less but I am not completely into the acceptance phase of my plan yet.

I am enjoying working on eating within my 1600 in a healthy way. Some days it is very easy - others not so much.

I bought and read Tom Venuto's 5 Principles - I really enjoyed it and appreciated the information. As someone who feels like she has read everything there is to read on the subject, his approach was refreshing. I am going to begin his month 2 weights routine workouts 3x week and do cardio on the other 2 days. Its 1 less day of cardio than he recommends, but I cannot commit to anything on the weekends.

I have my breakfasts and lunches relatively cleaned up - its my dinners and evening snack that I haven't and may not be willing to adjust. For one, S cooks dinners and while he encourages requests on my part, its not something I can count on being 'clean'. For another, I am not ready to give up my check mix at night.

But I would love to focus on building lean muscle and burning some fat - I don't think I'm going to introduce a calorie deficit yet, though. I'm just not ready to be hungry. However, if/when I do, I don't think I'm going to go down to 1200 again - that's just not comfortable. I might try 1400 with a 1600 Saturday but nothing immediate.

I got my scale directions out and figured out how (I think) to measure body fat again. It may not be technically correct, but it will give me something to go up and down from. The books said that all in all waist measurements are a good indicator of fat loss (vs just weight loss), so I'll keep an eye on that.

I am thankful for the stability of my life, and for my work and for the health of my children. I may sell Ellen soon if she doesn't figure out how poo in the potty instead of her underwear, but in most other ways we are incredibly fortunate in our children. I am thankful that it is spring and that I get to see my sister soon. I am thankful for how hard my husband works to make our home and lives as great as they are, and I am thankful that I am able to contribute my efforts in the way that I do.

Okay, that was pretty sappy. But I am a glass is half empty kinda gal so I need the reminders.

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7 years ago

I think I have a scan of that picture or can pull it off of the corporate directory. I'll post it and my old work ID pictures side by side on the blog. You'll see it and go "yep, glandular chipmunk."

by JAY