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Friday, Jul 15 2011

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Chotchke is a grape this week.

I have felt pretty good, all things considered (and there are some things to be considered that I think I'll keep private for now). The nausea is abating a bit and my back doesn't hurt.

During a meeting at work, I had the first definite sensation of a being inside me - not from movement so much as an intense energy density located in my womb. I don't remember feeling that feeling until much later with Will or Ellen, but it is hard to remember much with exactitude. The sensation made my cheeks warm – isn’t that strange?

I have a doctor's appointment later today. I'll be interested to see if they can talk with any more specificity about a due date, and related issues.

Will had a great evening at soccer last night - he scored 3 goals. Steve said it was luck more than anything, but that it was good to see him be a bit more aggressive in getting to the ball. I'm the last person to want my son to be a sports maniac, but he is pretty capable when he puts his mind to something, and that's when its nice to see him be a bit more 'pushy' than we would normally encourage in other situations.

He and Ellen are taking a dance class together, which I wish I could see. They love it. Will is the only boy and apparently doesn't seem to notice this, which is great. He's been the only boy in some swimming lessons, too, so he is probably used to it. Plus he and Ellen are so comfortable with each other I bet they don't notice gender most of the time.

Ellie has demonstrated for me some fun movements from the class that are so cute - robot and trains and crocodiles. I love how comfortable she is in her body.

Last evening while Will was at soccer Ellie and I read books, played, baked a cake, and took a bath together. She was so sweet throughout the whole evening, telling me "You're my best friend, Mommy!" Lucky me. It was great to have that alone time with her. I dreamt I told her about the baby and then tried to gloss over it - I am a bit afraid something will slip out before we have agreed to tell them, but if it happens it won't be the end of the world.

Her vocabulary is amazing - and she is so spot on with context. I'm blanking on the word she produced last night but when I think of it I'll write it down.

Will, god bless his generous little heart, happily pulls Ellen up and down our road in a little red Radio Flyer wagon. Its hard work but he loves it. So does she. He has been enjoying bouncing the basketball back and forth with me and practicing baskets.

I have had very little desire to move, even for a walk. This really will need to change, but I remember it feeling exactly this way with the others. I don’t think I exercised much at all during the other two pregnancies. I had hopes this one would be different and it still maybe. Its early times still.

I’ve been trying the baby band with some regular pants – the pants are unbuttoned and mostly unzipped, and the wide baby band lays on top of my waist and hips and sort of keeps the pants up. It is good as an option although it isn’t comfortable with all my pants. And the open fly makes weird lumps under the band. Still, its nice to have that as an option since maternity wear is still too big for now.

I spent some time looking at breast pumps the other day in the store, since I gave away mine some time ago. I don’t think they are the type of thing that a person really gets secondhand unless its from a sister, maybe. Some of the prices were pretty reasonable, and I’m hopeful my supply is even better than with Ellie.

That’s enough for now. I need a Pearson’s Nut Roll. :tongue8:

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6 years ago

I love that Will dances! Nice to hear that the kids are having a good summer and that you're feeling a bit better.

I wish I had known more about milk banks when I was nursing. I would have been an excellent wet-nurse in another time. I swear I could've fed three or four children. Probably not, but it sure seemed I had way more than one baby needed!




6 years ago

This is all so exciting. You and Marta - I just love it!