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Friday, Sep 2 2011

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Eesh, its been a while.

I doing well. I feel guilty for doing well, but there you have it. I feel physically and emotionally better than I have a in a long time. I am not happy about my weight - but I am working on that.

I've changed my schedule a bit so I work out in the mornings, for 20-25 minutes. Not much but WAY better than nothing, and I love having it out of the way before I even start my day.

I registered for an LSAT class, starting in October. Six Saturdays for 4 hours each. I've heard from a number of smart people that they didn't do especially well on the LSAT which is comforting to hear. The few practice questions I have seen were difficult - it seems you have to learn to suspend a bunch of assumptions and focus only on the question's language.

Work is going well. There are times when I feel like I'm not making the kind of progress against my goals that I'd like, but it isn't because I'm not working hard. I have limited staff and so much depends on being able to meet with others in the company, and schedules are full. So. I feel very fortunate.

Will starts Kindergarden on Tuesday. We met his teacher yesterday. She seems very nice, and he seems excited. I'm still not sure how I'm going to be able to live through putting him on a bus alone but I'll deal with that when it happens. He'll have long days - his bus comes at 6:50 and drops him off at 3:10. He'll need to go to bed earlier which will be nice for S and I as that will give us some more alone together.

Ellie is doing well. We play go fish together and its so fun to watch her be smart. And competitive. "Doz are da RULZ, Mama." She has taken to rolling her r's for some reason. She finally has 'enough' hair. Enough for what, I know, but enough to make me not think about it.

I have a massage scheduled for next weekend that I'm looking forward to. Assuming I like it as much as I have in the past, I'd like to do that more often. My body in general feels like it needs nurturing that way. In fact, I feel really in tune to my body - my libido is higher than it has been so maybe I'm just more aware of myself in my skin than I have been for a while, at least before the pregnancy.

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6 years ago

I'm glad things are going well. You'd better plan something fun for those Saturdays after your LSAT classes to avoid mind-numbing, soul-destroying boredom and despair. Just kidding! I have no idea what the LSAT is like, or the prep classes, but I'm guessing DULL. Now, if you take the kids to the carnival or something like that afterward, you'll have an effective antidote.

Will's bus comes at 6:50? Is this because you live a ways from the school? That sounds horribly early.




6 years ago

Just take the good times and love 'em. Like Jennie says, "DOZ ARE THE RRRRULZ"! I can roll my r's like the best of 'em. Living in Europe helps that.

by JAY



6 years ago

Never feel guilty for feeling good. It's a gift, take it. :kiss: You know why? DOZ ARE DA RULZ! Still laughing over that one. Good luck with the classes Lynnie - do you know what kind of law you'd like to practice?




6 years ago

Its good to hear from you and I'm glad you're in a good place. Milestones for Will! It will become second nature and its good for him, in the long run. I never took LSAT but the GMATs almost killed me!! :bigeyes3:

by NMA5632