LYNNABEL's Nov 2011 CalorieKing Blog

Monday, November 28th 2011

After many weeks of a very manageable appetite level, I have sudden gone into a 5-day run of excessive hunger. Like STARVING. I wish I knew what triggers this - could be the time of year or it could be my body trying to make me gain weight or both. I am more and more convinced that my body does not really want me to maintain weight loss. I don't mean that I am not able to plan or adjust or that this means there is no hope or that this is an excuse not to try anymore, but I think that acknowledgi...

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Thursday, November 3rd 2011

I am feeling overwhelmed.

I’m studying for the LSAT and am very discouraged with my lack of progress. I would like to do well because it would mean that I might be awarded a scholarship, and finding ways to pay for law school is critical for my family. Not doing as well as I had hoped also makes me feel like an idiot. I know the LSAT is considered the hardest standardized test, but still. Still. Still.

Recently a person was hired at my company to be, basically, my counterpart in anoth...

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