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Friday, Jan 13 2012

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Thanks for all your congratulations!

I met some of the good colleagues from my last horrible awful abusive job last night for happy hour. Many satisfying things were heard and said. Apparently the universe has a sense of justice.

After all this time, I still managed to feel shocked and betrayed - yes, betrayed - by the fact that the Applebee's Chili Cheese Nacho's come in at a whopping 1680 calories. I knew it wasn't low cal, but 1680?! I find myself mad, and, stupidly, more mad at Applebee's than myself, even though I had control and choice in the matter.

I'm being a bit tongue in cheek, but not entirely. Ugh. I'm struggling. I know what to do, but I am not doing it consistently. And you'd think that the rolls of back fat would motivate me, but instead, I feel defeated. Like, 'why bother?'

I know that things need to fall into place in my mind before I can make much progress, so I'm going to think about this a bit.

One good thing - I'm working out 5 mornings a week. I haven't let that drop, which is good. But exercise doesn't do much for my weight or my appetite. I also get plenty of sleep, and I'm doing better at drinking water.

I wonder if I need to think about shaking it up a bit - like joining weight watchers or seeing a nutritionist. Not because I need the info, I have that, but maybe shifting my point of view or having a different type of accountability would help? I've never wanted or really needed that in the past, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea. MMMM.

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6 years ago

I sometimes wonder if we don't need measured breaks from our struggles. I don't mean so-called cheat days or anything bizarre but simply planned transgressions that allow our bodies (and minds) a break from constantly fighting to lose weight. Maybe that's the key to staying focussed and shaking things up?

by JAY