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Tuesday, Mar 27 2012

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Yesterday, I typed an blog entry and then lost it. It was a short vent about something S had said/done over the phone. It left me mad and frustrated since resolving things over the phone is hard for us. I don't have privacy at work and he is at best luke warm to talking on the phone generally. I am amazed in retrospect that we carried on so much of our 'dating' over the phone.

Anyway, I have been much better in the last year or so (maybe longer but it seems fairly recent) about expressing my anger in a calm and respectful manner. The odd thing is (and I say odd because it hasn't stopped me from doing it), it hardly ever goes over well DURING the conversation, but almost INEVITABLY S apologizes after about a hour has gone by. And when he apologizes, it just magically lifts the anger from me, and then I can extend my own olive branch to acknowledge whatever he was experiencing when the event happened. I am always grateful for that lifting of anger because I hate being angry, and I especially hate being angry with S. Anyway, I'm just thankful.

I've been wondering if I have some kind of IBS or something going on with my digestive system. I won't get into details because its just kinda of undignified, but I've been uncomfortable on and off for a while now. Sometimes its worse than others, and sometimes, oddly, it seems to go with my cycle. Either way, I'm going to try some probiotics, and if that doesn't help, I'll go see the doctor. I'm due for my annual and my period hasn't returned to normal completely since my miscarriage. I'm also freaked out about my belly button, even though its healing, and in between my toes, I get blisters and raw skin. I don't think its athlete's foot but it can be painful. And, I wonder if I have fungus on one of my toe nails. See? I'm a wreck. :laugh5:

So, law school starts the first weekend in August. I transferred the school calendar to our home calendar so its official now. I'm looking for a new laptop for class, something very light and unbulky. I've been reading some law school prep books, and I think it is helping give me a sense of what to expect.

Okay, that's all for now. I need to get some work done. :wink3:

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6 years ago

I love my MacBook pro. I don't carry it around with me much, though, so I can't tell you if it gets heavy. I'm excited for your adventure in law school!

Don't know if you're interested, but acupuncture helped me with a similar IBSish issue. I didn't even know she was treating me for it, I just noticed one day that I was feeling a whole lot better! No idea how it works, but I don't care. :)




6 years ago

MacBook Air. or if you want to stay with a PC, I just got a ThinkPad X220 for work and it's tiny, it fits in a large shoulder bag.




6 years ago

I am so excited about your new adventure in life - just so proud to think "Hey, I know her - she's so awesome?"




6 years ago

As a long time IBS-er (heh) I suggest trying Metamucil. It sounds counterintuitive but when I was fed up with it I read a book recommending that. I'll look for the title. I take this once per day and once your body adjusts to it it helps. The adjustment might make and fragrant for a few days, just thought I'd warn you. I get the smooth texture regular version and it works well and keeping things at least predictable.

by JAY



6 years ago

I have some medicinal herbs that would help all of that. OK, maybe not, but you'd be able to forget for a while. :devious: You need to teach me the Zen of not going bat-sh!t crazy with anger on my husband. He'd appreciate it. :angel4:




6 years ago

I wonder if its a yeast infection. We think of them as being vaginal but they can be anywhere there is moisture (sweat) and friction, like the belly button, between the toes, under the breast, etc.