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Tuesday, April 24th 2012

Pictures of my babies -

Saturday, April 21st 2012

So, my weight is still down, but the clothes I could 'normally' wear at this weight don't fit. This means I am bigger at this weight that I have been in the past. I'm dismayed and confused by this. I've wonderred about a number of different causes:
-I have a dr apt in a few weeks - I am 99% sure this isn't the cause, but my mother had uterine cysts that made her stomach pouch out. They were benign, thankfully. I think I am wider all over, not just in my lower abdomen, but it feels especially n...

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Sunday, April 8th 2012

Despite my last entry and the intentions I had, this week was a disaster calorie wise. I'm living in sweat pants. I'm dreading putting on work clothes tomorrow. In major need of a detox. I've been with the kids since Wed. Steve comes home later tonight.

I love my children (right now Will and Ellen are befriending 3 year old here at McD's playland in the most heartwarming way) but am ready to have a break from them. Will was off school two days this week plus the weekend, and that just seeme...

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Monday, April 2nd 2012

Saturday night I had anxiety dreams, and last night I woke up at 1am and just had depressing thoughts until 3am. I wonder what is doing on.

My anxiety dreams almost always are about whatever it is that I"m anxious about, or whatever would be the 'worst' thing that could happen. I'm a born pessimist if there ever was one. I dreamed (isn't it 'dreamt'? Why is that giving me an error?) that Steve and I were fighting. I dreamed that I did horrible in law school. I dreamed something awful a...

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