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Wednesday, May 30 2012

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Day 3 of buckling down - I'm hungry, which means its working. :) I'm weighing every day. Funny how the same weigh-in number can feel and look different enough to notice. I am enjoying the tracking aspect, making a game of it, and am planning some rewards along the way.

I have a 'goal' which is to be on-track eating-wise until 7/1, which to me means as close to 1200 cals (gross) as I can get, with one splurge meal a week. I'll see where my weight is at that point, and will decide what to do then. I would be deliriously happy if I could get near 130, but honestly don't know if that's possible without true misery. I need something sustainable, especially as I think about the fact that I'll be in law school soon which means sitting an extra 2 days week. Fortunately, I do much better eating-wise when I have structure, so I will likely eat BETTER during law school than I generally do on the weekends otherwise. I need to remember that I'm just not happy at my current weight, and that 5 to 7 lbs makes all the difference in the world to the way I feel and the way my closes fit. I need to keep that top of mind. It is worth the discipline that it takes to get there and maintain it.

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6 years ago

Good for you. I'm hoping to join you in the buckling down action. I've started making baby steps. I am back to almost normal exercise, so that's helpful--if not to my weight then at least for my attitude. :laugh5: I like your one splurge meal a week plan. I may have to adopt that myself.




6 years ago

Yay for structured eating. I need to get on that bandwagon, for sure.

Doing the appeal was a nice exercise for me. I used to write benefits booklets & plan docs another lifetime ago. My dad was the "appeals committee," and always advised his clients to err on the side of caution, especially when another treatment could cost much more. If I decided to do the surgery to insert the prosthesis in my middle ear, it would cost them a ridiculous amount of money.

The plan is self-insured, and we've cost it a lot of $$ in the 6 years on it between my hearing aids, Ehin's 10 days in the NICU and 2 surgeries, but I think that they'll see my side and end up paying for it. If they pay the way they should, I'll get back about 2/3 of the cost and be able to put half my tax return into savings rather than having to put it towards the HA amount on the credit card. A girl can hope, right? :)