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Monday, Jun 4 2012

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Logging is a b!tch. I tracked this weekend, which is the good news. The bad news is that I just couldn't keep myself at 1200. Net I was close, but not gross. This is better than a 2-day free for all, and I had several moments of deciding to stop eating when I normally would've kept going. So - I felt virtuous even thought the numbers don't indicate it.

Still only at .2 lb loss for 7 days. But - I FEEL good, which is important, too. I think weighing everyday helps the slow progress feel less devastating than if I only weighed 1x week. Its much easier to say,"Oh, well - we'll see what tomorrow brings" vs "WTF??? After all this time, this is all I have to show for it??"

Had an eyeliner dream last night. :eyebrows: This was a 'precision movement' eyeliner dream (they come in that variety and in the driving/riding some kind of vehicle variety). This one involved trying to position ( :hi: Patti and Jay) a paper receipt through a old-fashioned machine that was supposed to help doctors self-refer (? here's my compliance world coming into it). The machine required that I balance very carefully to do this. Its so weird. But nice. And kinda of funny when I can remember what the context is. Because its never sexy.

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6 years ago

Bwahahahaha you'll have nightmares and not eyeliner dreams if I sing.

by JAY



6 years ago

Precision movement--love it! Apparently your brain likes metaphors--the more obscure, the better. :laugh5:




6 years ago

It always takes me a while to get into the swing of toeing the calorie line when I decide to "get serious". This time it took a couple of weeks. Funny how tough it is to get out of "that looks like 300 calories...oops, 600" mode.

Eyeliner dreams rock! And I second Patti's "would that be awesome?" One of these times I'm going to sync my across the pond trips to a meet up. My next one will be in September or October (the one I just postponed).

by JAY



6 years ago

BTW, I chatted with Marta yesterday (via FB). I told her I saw you last month and she said next time she makes the trek across the pond she'd love to join one of our meet ups. She said she usually goes to NY but she knows there is more to the USA than NYC.
Would that be awesome?!?! :rock1:




6 years ago

I am going to concentrate VERY CLOSELY on trying to dream about calibrating my bike tires or something. Because I could use me some of that action. :thumbu2::devious::eyebrows: You SHOULD feel virtuous, and since your weight holds very steady, ANY kind of drop is a victory. WTG, girlfriend. :kiss: