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Friday, Apr 12 2013

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I only have 4 more weekends of school. I can't wait. Unfortunately, there are two big exams and 1 little exam between now and then. Still, got an A- and an A on midterms, so the year end pressure is reasonable. Well, maybe not reasonable, but at least something short of asinine.

I think I'll do some concerted networking this summer. I really want to have a good sense of my options, both short and long term.

Haiti was amazing - I'll try to recap it sometime soon but I probably should prioritize studying.

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5 years ago

I didn't take that as a directed towards me or L. :kiss:

That's why I said "it is what it is". It's important to come to whatever works for both people and not what anyone else thinks "should" happen. I've gotten used to traveling on my's okay though it is more fun for me if I have someone to share it with and that can be a friend just as well as L. If not I'm quite self-sufficient. :laugh5:

by JAY



5 years ago

yeah. the stress and the feeling you "don't have time" to eat healthy + work out. and then there's the takeout in NYC. :sad2:




5 years ago

home stretch! Congrats on those awesome grades!




5 years ago

So glad you got some quality time with your sister. I wonder about her all the time. Well, not ALL the time, but from time to time. :laugh5: Go YOU on the grades, Girlie. You are not a Princess :queen:, you are a QUEEN :laugh5: and you can buy all the damned jewelry you want to. :laugh5: Yeah, that was from Facebook. Sometimes the lines get blurred. LOL