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Friday, Sep 6 2013

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Hi Peeps!

Started the new job this week. It went really well, I think. Its going to be culture shock at such a smaller office (the co. isn't tiny, but the corporate office is), but I think it will go fine. Am worried about making my mark - meaning, I want them to feel like they are getting their money's worth. It'll come in time, but for now, I'm feeling a bit nervous.

My weight keeps going up even though I'm not eating much (for me). I think I just need to keep on doing this and hopefully the results will come. The new schedule is good - instead of early mornings, I'm getting in at 9. This gives me time to see the kids in the a.m., workout, eat breakfast, and even study for a bit.

Had a weekend off from school - we went to a waterpark in Duluth and the kids had a great time.

Ellen is a rock star in Kindergarden. I cried into Steve's arms after the bus pulled away but only because she was so brave about it. And three days into it, she's a pro.

Steve is also a rock star. Its so wonderful to have someone I trust on point for their homework and the millions of emails from school/teachers/etc. I am so not carrying the typical load of a working mom in that sense. Can't imagine how I'd handle it all without him.

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4 years ago

Glad the new job is going well!




4 years ago

Love you, sweets, and am so glad for your new job - and for them in choosing you, seeing your gifts. I know the 'money's worth' desire - still feeling it almost a year in to my 'new' gig, too. Means we care about what we do, I think, and about doing it well. I pray that you're as treasured as you deserve ... everywhere.

by REV



4 years ago

Congratulations on your new job and the excitement that you get from it. That is so cool that you began thinking about the important contributions you could make. You are a gem! As for your weight. Don't worry - it is probably just fluctuating due to changes etc. Maybe cut back on sodium and drink more water? Glad your DD adjusted well to K. You are also very fortunate to have such a wonderful hubby to share the daily stuff with.