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Monday, Oct 21 2013

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I want to write a blog entry but nothing is coming to my fingers. And I'm rejected the things coming to my mind. Mostly because they are whiny. When has that ever stopped me, though. :)

Had the weekend off school which means I promptly got a cold and spent yesterday and today miserable. Don't have enough PTO built up at the new job yet to justify taking the day off so I worked from home. Am dealing with boss issues (thankfully, lower case 'i' unlike uppercase 'I' at last job), which makes me wonder if a) I'm a problem or b) really great bosses are just that rare. Thinking back, I've had 2 really great bosses, 1 great boss, 2 awful/horrendous/evil bosses, the rest meh to manageable. One nice thing that I think I've finally internalized (when I can actually remember that I've internalized it) is that if I had to leave my job (any job), we'd survive. We'd figure something out. I'm less paralyzed than I've been in the past on this point.

Have 3 days of 'leadership training' starting an hour before I normally get to work which will probably be exactly the same as the training at BC - I should be thankful for the opportunity but instead I just feel like it will get in the way of getting my day job done (plus my weekend job plus, you know, my life). Gah. Am dreading the upcoming board meeting - my first at the new job. I can only be who I am, but am still nervous. I will feel on display. Gah. Have to ask the CEO a hard question on Wed. Gah. My manicure is chipping. Gah.

My dad was stayed with us for a week - it was good to see him, but I let it get in the way of my workout schedule so I know that part of my low-spirits are from lack of exercise.

Okay, pity party is over. Tomorrow is a new day and I'll just do my best. The problem is - when will I learn that doing my best doesn't have to mean hourly herculean feats of miracle-ness while looking good?

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4 years ago

My current boss is a nightmare, but thankfully the sexual harassment has stopped. :laugh5: Hope you're feeling better, Lynnie. Love you. :kiss:




4 years ago

Thanks! Since you're a mommy I can say it: I might be a snot monster tomorrow but assuming the weather holds I'll give it my best shot. :laugh5:

by JAY



4 years ago

Having had no "career" since my kids came, my experience is limited to my father and then the asshats he partnered with. My worst boss was my second-line supervisor @ the credit card call center. He hated my guts because I didn't suck up and I didn't wear inappropriate clothes like the girls 10-12 years younger on my team. He interviewed me for a team leader position and turned me down saying that he'd rather have me producing on the floor. I ended up leaving a few months later. Ends up he did me a favor: The company went out of business. He works in some low-level, cold-call, seasonal kiosk at Walmart job now. I wish it didn't give me such glee the last time I saw him there. :angel4:

So, from my limited experience and seeing RPS' experience, I would presume most bosses fall into the meh category.




4 years ago

I've had a mix with a couple really great bosses, a couple really bad and the rest 'meh'. It's just the way that it is. They're people too and come with their own mixed bag of issues and experience. There's also the corporate culture to take into account, not the one HR pushes but the real one where careers are made and broken. How they react depends on what they have to do to survive. If it were a FB status it's be it's complicated. :laugh5:

The reason I've never moved into management is the above. I've worked in quasi-management roles and have looked behind the green door (:hi: Patti). No thanks. God love anyone who can deal with that, be a great boss and look themselves in the mirror in the morning. Someone! :kiss:

by JAY



4 years ago

that's a lot of GAH. :look:

after a 2-3 week honeymoon period, I never like my bosses. I've had one good one and one really good one in my career. I don't like to think of myself as a problem... but I know part of it is me. I'm confident and I don't need a lot of direction, I'm already enough of a perfectionist in my work that I don't really want someone telling me what or how to do a job, and I'm impatient. but, I also believe there are few really good bosses out there, who know talent when they see it and can get out of the f'in way. :cool:

and girl, you look good. don't short-change yourself.