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Tuesday, Apr 21 2009 - thinking about what it means to transform your lifestyle.

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My weight has been creeping up on me for the last several years--since the Canada Canoe trip. It was the best goal I've ever had to motivate exercise and healthy eating. I haven't had anything like it since and my life just kept getting more and more sedentary.

Though exercise is good for me I don't naturally love it. Some people love to have their body in motion. It's a natural high. It isn't that way for me. I like the tracking improvements but I get bored quickly. Then I exercise to excess and I notice what's not getting done, so then I start working on that and the exercise time falls to bits. Balance is an issue.

I guess I want to work on portion control.
I want to ride my bike more frequently for myself and to save energy.
I would like to be thinner. I do not have to be 145 but I'd like to see 168 again.

I did Diet Center once and said I would never "pay anyone" again to lose weight. But here I am. I like (here on day 4 or so) the feedback I get from putting calories in and oh yes, exercise, too. I want to learn to live thinner. I don't want to get skinny and yo-yo back up. I have too much to do to carry around a 190# body.

Every journey starts with a single step.:love:

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