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Saturday, Apr 25 2009 - About one "real" week into it

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When you first come to CK, the big shock is "I can exercise and then I can EAT back my calories?????" And I can see on the forums that this is a big stumbling block for many. But I am trying to tentatively "trust the system". After, all this is what a lot of "thinner" people do; they exercise and eat in moderation.

When you approach weight loss you decide that "the good stuff has to go". And you plan your food in a kind of white knuckling fear (I have a background in drug prevention, too). But no one can live that way. Of course no one can live where they eat everything they see either. Oh. Moderation. Moderation is scary.

Last night DS did well is a State Forensics contest. We let him pick the dining spot. Local dining establishment. Barbeque. With 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer "in the bank". Well the challenge and the question mark is trying to do portion control AND calorie estimation. No easy challenge. DH and I went for the pulled chicken sandwich and we ditched the top bun. I had 1/2 cup of their wonderful beans. It was a nice splurge. DS ribs looked mighty fine but it was really okay.

I have yet to figure out who the long timers are here. But I will. I think their insights have to be worth something.

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